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Hey everyone, with a new quest release we're a bit limited with our content patch notes, we do however have some NXT patch notes to share with you!


  • For the oldest clans in the game they'd show a clan creation date of 1st January 1970, we're pretty sure they're not that old so we've fixed this by setting any clans in this state to 12th April 2011 (the day Clan Chat released)

  • Clan members should no longer trigger a "has been in the clan for 0 years!" broadcast

  • When a guest fails a guest clan chat PIN check the broadcast to fire to a clan informing them should now work properly

  • When viewing a Clan's info via Guest Clan Chat it will no longer always mention January as their creation month.

  • Clan Chat Job titles will now update the Clan Chat player list when alphabetical position changes with display name.

  • Fixed a disconnection when trying to display a clan's upcoming events with an invalid event sub type selected.

  • Players who were part way through the Cabin Fever quest at the point where they'd already added 6 plunder to their plunder chest will now once again be able to continue and complete the quest. We made a change some time ago to only use 5 plunder, down from the original 6. Anyone who'd already stored 6 plunder and stopped the quest will have found themselves unable to continue, despite the chest being full. This has been rectified.

  • Fixed an issue with some achievements and RuneScore.

  • Glout has gotten tired standing up all weekend, and can no longer hold up the illusion that he is Glouph. He's surprised the world guardian did not notice who he was impersonating and try to arrest him.

  • NXT

  • Fixed the issue causing white outlines to remain around action bar boxes when hovered over.

  • Fixed a minimenu-related teleport crash

  • Fixed an issue that infrequently caused crashes whilst teleporting (separately from the minimenu issue).

  • Fixed an issue where some areas of floor would not load in correctly.

  • Fixed an issue causing visual artefacts on mobile platforms.

  • Fixed an issue where gates may appear both open and closed simultaneously.
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    Fixed the issue causing white outlines to remain around action bar boxes when hovered over.

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    Appreciated, hopefully this resolves the issue of ground detail getting deleted. Thanks.
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