Patch Notes - 20/05

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Here's a TL;DR summarization for every post in this threat so far.

You didn't fix what i wanted you to fix therefore all of you jagex employees should be fired! wahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

21-May-2019 04:03:25



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Was removing wheelbarrow man really necessary?:(
Walking up the east of varrock has always been one the most peaceful experiences in RS. Birds chirping. People mining in the south. And then the guards chatting with wheelbarrow man.

22-May-2019 05:27:56

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JoeFriday said:

Nope as im sure more than a few ppl liked the patches:

Zizitt said:
Love the new look to the digsite. finally that area no longer look so out of date and squeezed in between areas that has gotten some more love.

Well done.

SfBrave said:
Thanks for the patches. :)

Just a few so far.
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23-May-2019 21:05:07

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[quote id=442-443-21-66101081-0-344478410] <li style="margin-left: 2.0em;">Stopped crafting robust glass from defaulting to potion flask when trying to craft Ogre flasks\t</li> im not so happy about this part, i keep losing robust glass cause of this now as the default option is ogre flasks and im very used to just making potion flasks this post has been signed!
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see? told you it was signed.

24-May-2019 08:46:20

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