Patch Notes - 28/05

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Hey everyone, here are these weeks patches!

As a note anything with this next to it = Ninja Fix!


  • Added two interface slots to the Dungeoneering in-game status interface, these slots will now display a Lockmelter and Dungeoneering Outfit slot.

  • When the lockmelter is used this will then update to a tick to show it's been used by your party for this floor, same for the Dungeoneering Outfit.

  • A party message will now be shown when someone in your party uses a lockmelter.

  • A party message will now be shown when someone in your party uses a Outfit skip.

  • An option "Yes, don't ask me again" message has been added to the end of a floor, if you choose this each time you click the end-ladder it'll now try to vote to end immediately insteading of prompting you.

  • There is now a party messages to show which player has voted to end a floor.

  • 29 out of 30 DG bosses (except Skeletal Horde) will now automatically trigger the end ladder on death, previously 28 of these bosses forced you to wait for their death animation before allowing you to end the dungeon.

  • Removed chisel spawns in Dungeoneering as these aren't used anymore.

  • Gatestone 1, Group Gatestone and Gatestone 2 will now appear as the item on top of a loot pile to allow players to easily pick them back up.

  • Added the ability for solo players to enter large dungeoneering dungeons.

  • On rare occasions a Dungeoneering puzzle room was acting like a guardian room and players would be unable to pass. This has now been fixed.

  • It is no longer possible to buy duplicate Advance gold accumulators, Herbicides, Bonecrushers or Charming imps if you have them stored on your toolbelt.

  • Free players are now blocked from buying most of the items on Bryll's reward shop at Daemonheim, seeing as most of the rewards are useless to free players.

  • Elite Dungeons

  • All Elite Dungeon reward shops have now been merged into one shop, accessible at Daemonheim, Aminishi, and Dragonkin Laboratory

  • Players can now unlock a bank chest upgrade for 750k tokens which allows banking inside Elite Dungeons and automatically grants the 20% double loot chance on bosses. The chest can still be toggled for non-boss drops.

  • Players can now teleport between Elite Dungeons using the chests outside each dungeon if they have completed the 'Impressing the Locals' quest.

  • Invention combat dummies can now be placed within a short distance, and in sight of, any dungeon chest inside Elite Dungeons.

  • Celestial and Gemstone dragons inside Dragonkin Laboratory have had their defence slightly reduced.

  • Dungeoneering daily challenge criteria now allows the player to complete Shifting Tombs and Elite Dungeons as options instead of completing a Daemonheim floor if they wish.

  • Messages for getting loot in an Elite Dungeon now more obviously denote whether an item has been stockpiled in your Elite Dungeon chest or not.

  • Fixed a minor issue with achievement progress spam when halfway through the Griefing the Reef achievement.

  • Spiky rune salvage drops in Elite Dungeons are now noted.

  • Corrected some string localisations and added delimiters on large quantity drops from the Elite Dungeon lucky charms.

  • Prevented a safe spot abuse with Verak Lith.

  • You can now use the Seasinger and Tetsu sword weapon upgrade kits on their respective augmented weapons in order to upgrade them. All experience and perks will be kept.

  • Clicking the battle table outside of the Shadow Reef now shows the first 20 players to overcome the Ambassador fight solo.

  • Enemies in the Temple of Aminishi can no longer use the 'Smash' ability, with the exception of 2 minibosses.

  • Seasinger weapon upgrade kits, Tetsu weapon upgrade kits and Death Lotus extracts will now return a fair amount of materials per disassembly.

  • Seiryu's breath attack is now much more accurate.

  • Elite Dungeon lucky charms are now able to be converted to work in other elite dungeons at the click of a button.

  • Monster Examine

  • The Monster Examine spell has been significantly updated, you now only need to cast it once on a monster and it'll update their values throughout the time it is active, additionally the Monster Examine window is now in the minigame window allowing you to actively monitor it during your fights, Monster Examine now contains the following information

  • Their hitchance vs you (This Value updates per attack)

  • Your hitchance vs them (This Value updates per attack)

  • Monster Lifepoints

  • The Monster's attack, defence, magic and ranged levels

  • The attack rate of the monster

  • The Armour of the monster

  • Your base hit chance against them with different styles (Also known as affinity)

  • A number representing your accuracy against the monster

  • Weakness (if any)

  • If they're immune to Poison/Stun/Reflect

  • Main attack style

  • The monster's max standard hit against you

  • If the monster is a slayer creature

  • Quests

  • The Memory Spring during the Children of Mah quest can once again be interacted with.

  • Removed an extra period at the end of the Frozen Anima examine text during the Desperate Times quest.

  • Players could occasionally come across an edge case issues when fighting Vanstrom Klause (within the Dom Tower or the Quest) where he'd freeze and be un-attackable, avoiding any damage done to him, this has now been fixed.

  • Chief Thief Robin will now correctly reference the location of the H.A.M hideout during the "Lost Her Marbles" quest.

  • Doric will now hand out players the required items when choosing option 2 (We should be careful) after accepting the Doric's Task VIII miniquest.

  • Players who are part way through Curse of the Blackstone quest can now also complete the Jed Hunter miniquest from the Arc if they were part way through that as well.

  • Players can no longer smuggle quest items in to south-east Varrock by using area loot during the Biohazard quest.

  • Mobile

  • Certain devices were having issues with the loot window interface appearing in the top let corner of the screen, so we have moved it to the center of the screen when opened, the mobile team have plans to improve this in the future

  • Fixed a bug that was blocking progression through dialogue with NPCs if there were two chat heads displayed simultaneously. This includes places we have seen reports about this in the past including during the cabbage section of the Gower Quest and during some of the memories during Tales from the God Wars.

  • Fixed an inconsistency with the way 'View info' mode works for the spring cleaner. The Salvage tab was functional on mobile and the Items tab was not, we have corrected this so both function identically.

  • Converted some PC terminology on the world map help interfaces on mobile.

  • Fixed an issue on mobile that was preventing the stick traps in Tirannwn being reset when you fail to pass them.

  • Other

  • Players that have chosen to disable receiving certain clue scrolls will no longer be spammed with a message saying their clue scroll has been dissolved.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing training dummies to despawn too soon.

  • Fixed a number of issues with how Law and Nature staves behave with spellbook spell highlighting.

  • Players will now never fail to pass stick traps when running over the trap with the Tirannwn quiver 3 or 4 equipped.

  • A second action bar has now been added to legacy interface mode.

  • If you are now the last person remaining in a Clan and have a Citadel you can now reliably leave that clan, thus disbanding it.

  • Players fighting rune dragons will no longer be warned about using dragon bane weaponry when non weapon damage is dealt.

  • You can now right-click on the magic skillcape whilst wearing it to change spell books.

  • Using a summoning pouch whilst the same familiar is active will now renew the familiar.

  • Players will now receive the correct amount of crafting XP when using the Spin Flax spell.

  • If both players in a social slayer group have the slayer 120 skillcape, there is a chance the player is allowed to reroll their assignment a number of times.

  • Reggie, the Fist of Guthix store owner, will now recognise when an item is used on him from an adjacent tile.

  • Adjusted the "You do not have room in your inventory for that." message in Treasure hunter to an use an infobox.

  • Nyrikis crates once again have items in them when searched.

  • An issue where new ports voyages were not appearing after game reset has been fixed.

  • Players can now either 'listen-to' or 'talk-to' Valerio as part of the Medium Treasure Trails clue scroll to progress, previously only the 'listen-to' option progressed the clue.

  • Various items that hold charge like the Amulet of Souls and Cinderbane gloves, will no longer give you the 5% degrade warning when they hit 43%.

  • Fixed Lunite helm's polycolours.

  • Allowed ice strykewyrms to be fought and killed in Rush of Blood while on an ice strykewyrm task for Mandrith.

  • Smithing an Elder Rune Burial Set will now complete the 'Elder Rune Equipment' daily challenge.

  • Fixed an issue that could have disconnected a player when beginning a new unfinished smithing item.

  • Fixed a blue glow issues with several NPC's who are using a new material system.

  • Players who have the honed perk active when trying to complete Boric's tasks will now find the extra ores are counted towards the tally. Previously they were ignored.

  • Patchy skin tones on a couple of NPC's in the newly reworked digsite has been fixed.

  • Added examines to the newly reworked digsite area so that the world feels more lively.

  • The clickbox on Zaros during Fate of the Gods is now larger and easily clickable.

  • Tweaked ancient ceremonial gloves inventory model.

  • Text

  • Fixed a RuneMetrics typo after a player completes the Desperate times quest.

  • Fixed a typo in the Desperate Times quest journal.

  • Fixed a typo in the Armadyl memory during the Desperate Times quest.

  • Major Mary Rancour no longer states that dwarven army axe is a members only item.

  • Fixed slight grammar error when looking at shard pricing for swapping scrolls/pouches.

  • Fixed a typo in Construction Skilling pet achievement that stated 'baba yaga' instead of 'baby yaga'.

  • Fixed a typo in Rat Burgiss's dialogue.

  • Removed duplicate text when talking to banker in 'Evil Dave's Big Day Out'.

  • Party fever walk override token and Carrying steins resting token now correctly mention that they unlock animation override.

  • Fixed a typo in a Curse of the black stone quest journal.

  • Clock tower "QUEST COMPLETE!" text in the quest overview is now line-broken after completion.

  • The instructions for the Elite Desert diary task 'I'm super' have been updated to show a substep of making antifire rather than antidragon potion.

  • The continue button on the dual currency intro system at castle wars now correctly states Continue rather than contiue.

  • Fixed grammatical error when a player owned farm trough has run out of food.

  • A typo in the Prism of Loyalty's examine text has been fixed.

  • Fixed a typo in the anagram medium clue ''Im Krom'' dialogue.

  • Fixed a typo when unlocking the death lotus rest animation.

  • In the damage-control miniquest, Rosie will now show the word "licence" rather than "license" thanks to diligent players.
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    Love the Monster examine update! This will be really helpful for bosses in general, specially to have a better understanding on how their mechanics work. Looking forward to use it at Vorago too.

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    HASEYO Vii is stuck on the part where you have to CUT THE DRAGONS HEAD OFF. It is currently glitched, and you can't defeat the Dragon! Please fix ASAP!

    Edit: FIXED! The issue was he just didn't have a high enough Strength level to equip his Dragon Longsword, so he was fighting him with his fist, so the Dragon was killing him before he could kill it!

    Edit 2: He wen't in with a RUNE Longsword instead, and the result was much more satisfying! He was able to
    slay the Dragon, and capture it's head!
    Fantastic quest as always!
    le meme has arrived

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