Patch Notes - 10/06

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Hey everyone, here are these weeks patches!

As a note anything with this next to it = Ninja Fix!


  • When using the smithing interface, you can now press '1' to deposit materials and '2' to withdraw them.

  • Players can now upgrade armour spikes with alloy bars. Alloy armour spikes work in the same way but have a 10% chance to increase their damage from 100 to 1000% of your Smithing level. Shields continue to double the effectiveness of both spikes.

  • The amount of progress gained per swing when smithing on various heat levels has been improved.

  • You're now able to have multiple unfinished smithing items at once.

  • Once you finish an item, you start working on an unfinished item straight away.

  • You can now get spiked trimmed masterwork armour by talking to Elof.

  • You can now purchase an upgraded autoheater from Daemonheim (40,000 DG tokens), allowing you to overheat it, when you overheat it, it'll cost 50 coal to use once your item heat hits 0% (heating your item for 60%).

  • Mobile/NXT

  • Fixed an issue where loading screens could sometimes get stuck.

  • Fixed a crash on Nokia 8's that prevented startup of the application

  • Some shader issues impacting the Google Pixel phones have been resolved.

  • Fixed some issues with shadows.

  • Fixed some issues with phones not defaulting to correct settings.

  • An issue causing particle effects to disappear when swapping focus on a mobile device has been resolved.

  • An issue causing crashes on mobile devices when logging in has been resolved.

  • Optimised animation data for mobile devices

  • Fixed some issues around right-clicking on PC and tap-and-hold actions on mobile.

  • An issue with strike-through text, where previously misaligned, has now been resolved.

  • Fixed a long standing issue with swapping items between inventories.

  • Fixed a potential crash when locations changed states.

  • Patches

  • The Ultra elite chest awarded for completing all three elite dungeons in a row is now named accordingly.

  • An issue with free-to-play players gaining members-only items at The Digsite has been fixed.

  • Digsite workman will now play punching animation after a pickpocket failure.

  • The secondary action bar can be no longer be accessed in legacy combat mode.

  • When selecting an additional action bar in legacy interface mode, it will no longer disappear when changing to EoC interface.

  • Divine Banite Rock Description no longer overlaps the members object text when won on Treasure Hunter.

  • The Ring of forging now works when smelting using ore stored in an ore box.

  • Players with older prem club memberships should now get login messages that make sense when they have older items to collect.

  • PC terminology has been removed from the bonds interface.

  • Further improvements to loading screens have been made based on player feedback we have received.

  • Telos drop table changes:

  • Rune Stone Spirits have been replaced by small bladed rune salvage.

  • Adamantite stone spirits have been been replaced with Runite stone spirits.

  • God Wars Dungeon 2 drop table changes:

  • Lowered frequency of Necrite and Phasmatite stone spirit drops from all GWD2 bosses.

  • Various existing skilling outfits, including the factory outfit and XP boosting outfits, now have set effect tooltips.

  • Various combat equipment sets now have set effects listed in tooltips.

  • Depositing an item in your box with the bank search prompt open will no longer close the search box.

  • Logging out with unclaimed rewards from Rush of Blood will no longer cause a disconnection.

  • Clue scrolls thieved from HAM members will now be placed directly in Charos' clue carrier.

  • An issue stopping group members from teleporting to Barrows Rise of The Six has been fixed.

  • Dungeoneering fragments will now be removed correctly when creating the full dungeoneering outfit.

  • Reaching Invention level milestones will no longer trigger Divination achievements.

  • An issue causing the Merethiel's Stave override to appear twice in the player wardrobe has been fixed.

  • Chicken egg (unchecked) is now members only item.

  • Fixed a typo in Mandrith's tip for slaying gargoyles.

  • Activating a slayer gem while on a task for Mandrith now contacts him instead of another slayer master.

  • Players who had a full toolbelt and weren't having the Get Tooled Up achievement unlocked will now find that they have it unlocked on next login. There was a strange edge case issue related to One Small Favour (which gives the keyring as a reward).

  • Sparkles and Corgi pets now work correctly in F2P.

  • The Invention Materials window has now been made into an overlay meaning you can disassemble your items and see the interface update in real time, for mobile players you can now tap on an Invention Material to see a full description of said material.

  • Camouflage fragments will now be more consistently removed from the player under certain scenarios.

  • Gemstone fragments will clear correctly when owning all golem outfit pieces.

  • The Bubble Blower has been made into a two handed item so it will no longer cause some weird animation issues when an off-hand item is equipped.
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    Rip bubble blower 2019 (no k because this isn't some gosh dang sports game!)

    also the GWD2 fixes are a bit dissapointing, thought you said a new salvage was gonna come to telos... but nope you did a small salvage, not even a spikey one.
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    Nice patches!

    Shame Rockertunity graphics haven't been fixed yet, though. :( Still have to try rocks at random in almost all places since the sparkles don't appear (they are hidden by other graphical layers).

    Glad Smithing is a bit less slow now. Also, to stop the influx of ores in-game, a better solution might be to make the player automatically stop mining when the stamina bar runs out, rather than keep mining at a reduced rate.
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    Hey guys, Jagex here. We know you're pissed off at getting stone spirits from end game content so what we're going to do is replace them for more stone spirits!!! :))))))))))))))

    It's like you're actively trying to irritate your community and this is exactly why the only things I do on this crap is pof, ports and merch. Everything on this game is a waste of time and enjoyment.

    Edit: just to clarify by end game content (bosses): Telos, rago, etc
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