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I understand Jagex's rationale for nerfing the high-level XP available with Crystallise etc.

However, the nerf hurts players who are still leveling through the content pretty heavily, most notably with the Skillchompa multiplier removal. Now Hunter, an already onerous skill to train at the start, is much more time-consuming to level. I mostly play during summer and on breaks from school, and was looking forward to getting closer to my quest cape, but that all looks so much further away now that I have to slog so much time into Hunter.

You should restore the Skillchompa multiplier or provide a similar XP/h buff or mechanic (perhaps lowering the access bar for barehanded catching). Another idea on the QoL side might be to have salamander traps break in a similar fashion to box traps rather than separating into their distinct items, or having a mechanic where releasing, rather than selling captured animals nets you 1/2 of the catching XP, or something like that.
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14-Jul-2019 02:05:56

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Land out of Time is great. On the other hand nerfing hunter main training methods was a terrible idea. I understand u guys wanted to cap the xp rates, but reducing then was not the way to do it. They should be capped as they were. If you guys wanted new updates and training methods to be relevant then make it rewardable in other ways such as afkable, better items and such. Hunter had high xp rates because it was so click intensive and attention demanding as it should be. When hunter modernization was announced it led to a "race" on hunter training as high as possible cuz ppl knew they would be harmful when the update was released.

If u want new methods to be relevant, give players to opportunity to choose what they want, High xp rates and really click intensive or lower ones with some more chill methods, or better rewarding items.

Player effort should always be rewarded and nerfing the xp rates goes straight in the opposite direction.

14-Jul-2019 19:07:37

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