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Mining & Smithing post-release

  • Fixed typo when Ithell Voice of Seren transports soft clay to a players bank.

  • Fixed some issues with the previous, now cosmetic, rework armours which can be obtained from Egil.

  • Solid lava geyser duration has been reduced drastically.

  • Your progress when mining a solid lava geyser is now reset correctly.

  • Scroll of Efficiency no longer triggers while repairing armours.

  • Spring cleaners disassemble mode now works correctly if empty on springs.

  • Players can once again make Alchemical Onyx Necklaces at furnaces.

  • Salvage and Stone Spirits are now in the correct category on the website.

  • Make-x while making arrows is back down to 10 per set instead of 60.

  • Fixed an issue where F2P players with full banks and inventories had their converted tokens dropped to the ground

  • There is now a message when your furnace perk activates while mining.

  • Red sandstone will no longer be marked as complete for the 'I Love Dailyscape' achievement if the player does not have access to the rock.

  • Certain items were flagged as f2p, they have now been correctly made members items.

  • Luminite injectors have been fixed to give the correct amount of progress when activated and as such are now working as intended.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple Liquid Gold Nymphs could be spawned under certain conditions.

  • Tuned bane ores no longer have a chance to increase amount of bars gained while smelting.

  • It is now no longer possible to fill ore boxes when you have multiple of them on you.

  • The achievement "My Sick Four Tick Trick" can no longer be unlocked by stalling the player during a mining operation.

  • Suity level maximum achievement can no longer be achieved while using a dwarven ramhammer.

  • Depositing ores and bars using the interface should now let you correctly continue smelting bars.

  • Hotfix: The furnace in the warhammer shop in kelagrim has been moved over by 1 tile to stop blocking players from progressing through Birthright of the Dwarves.

  • It is no longer possible to attempt to store pickaxes on your toolbelt in free to play worlds if you have a member's only pickaxe already stored.

  • When having a high-level members pickaxe on your toolbelt on F2P, when mining, this will now default to runite.

  • Heat leveling benefits now work as intended.

  • The Modified Blacksmith's Helmet will no longer allow players to make extra bars while smelting Masterwork Alloy bars

  • Players can once again complete Doric and Boric's seventh task to fix the Guard Warhammer

  • All tiers of the Quarrymaster Aura have been doubled in their percentage chance of critical hits while mining

  • Stone Spirits now have a higher buy limit of 25,000 on the Grand Exchange

  • Breaking down Torva Platebodies and Platelegs to use for Trimmed Masterwork armour will now give 5 and 3 Praesulic Essences respectively

  • Fixed a typo with Elder rune bars on the smithing skill guide

  • Stone Spirits have had their examine texts shortened as they were previously too long.

  • Shooting stars have been re-enabled.

  • Players who Custom Fitted their Trimmed Masterwork sets before augmenting them can now repair them at an anvil if they are at 100% charge, and can then augment them again using an invention table

  • Smelting interface now shows if you have coal in your inventory or not correctly.

  • Moved some stalagtites in the haunted mine, which blocked access to a portion of drakolith vein.

  • Spears on drop tables have been replaced with salvage

  • Players now consistently receive their RuneMetrics free in-game membership. (HOTFIX)

  • The various Smithing fanatics across Gielinor are now convinced that yes, you have heard about the Mining and Smithing rework, and as such have fallen silent. (HOTFIX)

  • Players no longer receive a debug message when trying to use armour spikes from a distance. (HOTFIX)

  • The news post link on the Mining and Smithing rework popup now functions correctly on non-English worlds. (HOTFIX)

  • Ninja implings once again drop runite throwing axes, darts and knives. (HOTFIX)

  • The superheat spell on the explorers ring will now give both smithing and magic xp once again.

  • Punishment rocks found during the Tourist Trap quest have had their hitpoints drastically reduced.

  • The smithing autoheater is no longer tradeable.

  • The Spring Cleaner will once again upgrade as it uses charges when high alching salvage

  • An error that allowed Masterwork to be repairable at an anvil was causing issues, this has now been resolved and can no longer be repaired at an anvil - instead you should repair your used masterwork armour at Bob in Lumbridge or at an armour repair stand in your PoH.

  • The 'Enough of the Crazy Walking' achievement now correctly unlocked once both lore books are purchased.

  • The 'very resourceful' achievement will no longer be able to be completed multiple times.

  • Other

  • A typo in Violet is Blue has been fixed.

  • The Fireworks will now display correctly on the interface when you run out of keys and re-open Treasure Hunter during the Fireworks Festival Treasure Hunter promotion.

  • Fixed some clipping issues with hair styles and the Shadow Gorilla mask.

  • Players will no longer be prompted to claim a Ring of Quests from the Quest Point Shop if the ring is already in the players bank.

  • Player owned farm animals can no longer be obtained by Ironman accounts by popping Falador party room balloons.

  • Getting caught during Chosen Commander will no longer place you in a large pen of Player Owned Farm.

  • The tree/master farmer outfits now correctly reduce the number of items required to pay protection costs when done via dialogue.

  • The claim rewards screen for the Quest Point store will no longer open under certain scenarios if there are no rewards to claim.

  • All the blurite ranged weapons can now be keepsaked.

  • Over-filling your bank via the fishing trawler catch net is no longer possible.

  • Ironmen attempting to sell items to an overstocked shop will no longer encounter a broken message.

  • Reattuning the skilling portals in the max guild garden to the same location will no longer cost GP for the second portal.

  • Players can, if they so wish, use an empty bucket to gather buckets of slime at the Pool of Slime underneath the Ectofunctus - however, players still do not require buckets to gather slime.

  • Players can no longer obtain more than one set of the black ibis outfit using a POH.

  • Players can now access the adventures interface whilst having a monkey greegree equipped.

  • Players cutting gems into bolt tips with the crystal chisel will now have the animation correctly reflect that the player is using the crystal chisel rather than their toolbelted chisel.

  • You are no longer required to have a wicked hood in your inventory to redeem Wicked hood teleport tokens.

  • An unnecessary message was firing when grappling the cliff face in Prifddinas to get to the waterfall fishing area - this has now been resolved.

  • Compacted silver jewellery will no longer list its charges multiple times on the tool-tip.

  • The achievement "Shadow Hanging Over Me" will again be awarded when all appropriate chests have been searched, as intended.

  • Burnt oomlie meat will now stack correctly in your inventory.

  • Blood essence vial item charge tooltip now displays the correct charge percentage remaining at all times.

  • The achievement for achieving a score of 1111 at big chinchompa will no longer continuously unlock.

  • 'You make some mage armour' message that appears while crafting mage armour in dungeoneering has been added to spam filter.

  • Draken's Medallion can now be used to teleport out of the Temple Trekking minigame without consuming a charge.

  • A graphical issue which made it seem that players could configure the energy rift to select multiple conversion options has now been fixed.

  • The Extreme sharpshooter potion has had its Herblore level requirement increased to 92, from 91, due to the ingredients being unobtainable until 92 Herblore.

  • Fairy near Zanaris market no longer has a detached antenna.

  • Winning a multiple cosmetic prize on Treasure Hunter will now place Oddments into your currency pouch if Oddments are already in it.

  • A duplicated Karambwan vessel will no longer be dropped to the floor if using the Shark fishing outfits in conjunction with it.

  • The "Raising The Stakes" achievement is no longer completed when creating Blisterwood sickles.

  • Swamp Snakes in the Temple Trekking minigame will now give combat EXP when defeated

  • Fixed a grammatical error on the soul wars grave examines.

  • Crystal Shapeshifters now appear on the slayer skill guide.

  • The Agility skillcape perk now prevents failure on the Werewolf Agility arena's teeth-clenching zipline.

  • Replaced the augmentation dissolver's blueprint image which one that more accurately reflects its model.

  • Achievement for unlocking all music tracks should now only be completed if all tracks are unlocked.

  • The amount of music tracks required for the Music Maestro achievement has been correct to show the full amount.

  • Cabin Fever quest journal has been updated to instruct the player that only five loads of Plunder are required, instead of ten.

  • Quick-chatting your active Slayer task whilst on Morvan's special challenge will now state you're on a special challenge, rather than needing a new task.

  • Progress in A Soul's Bane's hopelessness room is now advanced when NPCs are killed without making them your primary target first.

  • Skillchompas will now appear in the correct category in the Hunter skillguide.

  • Some incorrect blocking has been removed from infront of the Karambwan spots on Karamja.

  • Attempting to teleport with the Waterfall teleport token will no longer delete the token if the teleport is unsuccessful.

  • The Oddments Store no longer says "odd ments" rather than "oddments".

  • Sign of the porter now correctly list Muspah spines in the 'other' section.

  • The 'Two in the Bush' achievement will now only unlock once the correct action has been completed.

  • The compost mound special now correctly works for all compost bins.

  • Attempting to quickly recolour a previewed pet now works as expected.

  • The Wilderness Sword will no longer appear under the Wand filter.

  • The Asylum surgeons ring (i) will now work for the master clue inside the Grand library.

  • A grammatical oddity when turning manure at Manor Farm has been resolved.

  • Checkered shirts should no longer cause odd colour differences on the character's wrists.

  • The "Missing My Mummy" quest will now also show the extra items required for total completion in the quest journal should players wish to go above and beyond with this quest.

  • If a player was killed by the mushrooms in a Helwyr fight, this would not be recognised as a death at Helwyr. This has now been resolved, along with a similar issue affecting the Twin Furies.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the minigames interface to appear over the world map when it opened with the minigame interface on screen.

  • Added missing blocking to the leaning pillar to the south of Sophanem's Divination colony.

  • Mobile

  • Added a tap area to sets in the Grand Exchange. You can now tap on the icon under the Sets tab of the Grand Exchange to see the components of that set.

  • Fixed some issues with text and button layout in the Challenge Gem interfaces.

  • Increased the font size for the XP Tracker and Drop Log within the RuneMetrics interfaces.

  • Fixed some of the minigames interfaces within the circus, specifically the ones for the fire based activities and the magic trick activity.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the NXT and mobile clients to have an incorrect setting related to "Water reflections".

  • Added an indicator on mobile when you are running the graphics auto-setup.

  • Fixed a PC terminology issue in an error message when spamming a fishing spot.

  • Added a tap area so users can see the tooltip that shows how many of each type of Treasure Hunter keys you have.

  • Updated the interface builders on the Black Marketeer and The Trader inside the Player-Owned Ports.

  • As part of a general cleanup for the game health in preparation for mobile, we have removed any remaining references to the Gielinor Games.

  • Added an info mode toggle and some information on the piano keys for the piano puzzle in the Rune Mysteries quest.

  • Update the observatory telescope interface to use a modern style frame. This fixed a bug where this interface did not have a close button and therefore was not able to be closed easily on mobile.

  • Updated the Lumbridge task ring interfaces to use the modern interface builder style.

  • Updated the Makeover Mage and the Photo Booth interfaces to use the modern builder style.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes PC users could see the mobile version of the graphics settings interface.

  • Updated the Big Chinchompa interfaces to use the modern builder style.

  • Updated the Ports Management interfaces (the ones used when monitoring your region and your scroll unlocks) to use the modern builder style.

  • Updated the Big Chinchompa reward shop to use the modern reward shop interface standard.
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    Thanks for the patches, but what about the content addition though?

    What content?

    For you its like they dont ever add anything.

    So just be happy they even do this.

    A successful game update has both, patches and a new content addition, small or big. This week there isn't any, so it's just another patch week.
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    Thanks for the patches, but what about the content addition though?

    **** OFF ******!
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