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Hey everyone, here are these weeks patches:


  • The materials required to tan Dinosaur hide incorrectly stated 250 coins - this has been adjusted to the correct amount of 25 coins.

  • Added missing blocking to rocks near the Corbicula Rex on Anachronia.

  • Added blocking to the Land Out of Time event noticeboards.

  • Blocking has been added around a mushroom on Anachronia that was presenting clipping.

  • The Anachronia Agility Course has been added to the quick chat options.

  • When on a slayer task for dinosaurs, the final kill will now give the correct amount of loot.

  • The Anachronia Teleport spell can no longer be used on free-to-play worlds.

  • Added some blocking on one of the agility obstacles on Anachronia.

  • The extended super antifire is now affected by Lantadyme incense sticks.

  • Winter storage scroll will now work on the herb bag, unlocked from the Herby Werby reward store on Anachronia.

  • Laceration boots and Blast diffusion boots now better attach to your characters feet when in combat.

  • Pavosaurus Rex animations have been cleaned up and his tongue no longer clips with his throat when eating bait.

  • A typo has been fixed for when obtaining rare resources on Anachronia.

  • More information for the player lodge and storehouse building upgrades has been added to the base camp management interface on Anachronia.

  • Updated the dialogue when asking Laniakea for tips on fighting Elves.

  • Laniakea, the new level 90 slayer master on Anachronia, will now reward the correct amount of co-op slayer points when completing a task.

  • Fixed a typo in Laniakea's dialogue when speaking about Kerapac.

  • Covered some holes in the base camp floor.

  • Combat

  • Staff of darkness will now degrade correctly.

  • Eldritch crossbow is now included in the ranged skill guide.

  • The Oldak coil will no longer heal you if you have a Blood spell selected.

  • An interface oddity with the main hand stein when overriding weapons has been resolved.

  • It is no longer possible to use The Heart teleport tablets in an instance shard.

  • Added a lootbeam to revenant drop enhancers.

  • The augmented version of Korasi's sword now does the same damage with its special attack as the non augmented version.

  • The Tzhaar-Hur found during and after the Brink of Extinction quest will now count towards Tzhaar slayer tasks.

  • The Wizard Tower's trapped Lesser demon now has its missing death animation restored.

  • Skilling

  • Corrected smithing level type for the "Belter of a Smelter" achievement in the achievements interface.

  • Reaching level 8 with Mining will now properly show that you have increased critical hit chance with copper and tin instead of just copper in the skill guide.

  • If you have the Menaphos lodestone unlocked the daily challenge for Luminous Memories will now take you to Menaphos if you accept the prompt to go to the nearest lodestone.

  • Removed a line in the skill guide for Luminous Memories about needing desert heat protection since this colony is now inside the walls of Sophanem and the player is not affected by the heat effect inside the cities.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from fletching when standing next to the Bloodwood tree in Darkmeyer.

  • The Master Slayer cape perk, when attached to the Max or Comp capes, will now proc correctly when getting new tasks from Slayer Masters

  • Quests/Miniquests

  • An issue allowing players to access the Tears of Guthix D&D without having completed the quest has been fixed.

  • A grammatical issue during Sliske's Endgame in regards to Saradomin's examine text has been resolved.

  • Changed the colour of the message that appears when you don't meet puzzle requirement to make it more readable.

  • It is no longer possible to tie a rope to a shortcut tree near the 'Ritual of the Mahjarrat' site by exploiting a 'Children of Mah' quest instance.

  • The Fremennik Isles mine no longer refers to Runite Ore. This has been updated to Drakolith ore.

  • The Wanted! quest now requires the Abyss miniquest, since Wanted! requires you to talk the Monk of Zamorak after they move to Varrock.

  • An issue preventing a cutscene from playing when the player has a familiar summoned during the Do No Evil quest has been fixed.

  • An issue preventing the player from starting Hopespear's Will whilst in goblin form has been fixed. x

  • Other Patches

  • A issue related to the Basket of Oranges has been fixed.

  • Fixed Silverhawk boots level 1 being destroyed after destroying the nimble outfit.

  • Fixed Super adrenaline potion decanting using NPCs such as Bob Barter

  • Fixed inconsistency with kg capitalization for weights in Movario's Base.

  • One of the mushroom clusters on the 'Islands That Once Were Turtles' was missing a farming icon. This has now been added.

  • A grammatical issue in the examine text for a barricade in Nemi forest has been resolved.

  • Kara-Meir chat head no longer disappears after reviewing Tuska cutscene.

  • The examine texts not showing for various items such as the Tainted Shard have been fixed

  • The familiar free zone for the Mage Training Arena no longer extends outside of the walls of the arena.

  • You will no longer see a message saying your Charos Clue Carrier has taken out -1 of a Clue when completing a clue.

  • Players should now find that they consistently unlock, and are able to wear, the Comp capes & hoods after completing all required achievements.

  • Teleporting to certain areas with a Portable fairy ring will now correctly prevent you from doing so in various areas.

  • Teleporting with a Portable fairy ring will now correctly run side effects.

  • Bone crusher auto pickup toggle does now visibly change when selected.

  • Umbral Akh pet no longer references 2018 on it's unlock hint.

  • Switching familiar override to another override no longer causes major graphical stretching.

  • Jadinkos in herblore habitat will no longer respawn attracted to a trap that is already occupied.

  • When running and laying a box trap, players will no longer run past the trap and the animation will display as intended.

  • Ironman players can no longer pick up resources that are dropped from other players using the Butterfingers invention perk.

  • A number of shiny animals that should never have been available for search on the GE have been tidied up.
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