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Hey everyone, here are these weeks patches:


  • A broken square of water has been fixed on Anachronia.

  • Overgrown idols will now correctly state that they are obtainable on Anachronia within the woodcutting skill guide.

  • Typo fixed when trying to bury a Carnillean treasure chest on Anachronia.

  • Some black triangle have been removed from the firepit in the Hunter Lodge on Anachronia.

  • The flags on Anachronia buildings will now wiggle in the wind.

  • Join friend lodestone teleport will now work for the Anachronia lodestone.

  • You can now start a Big Game Hunter encounter with bait in your beast of burden.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the 'Dinosaur Hunter' achievement to be completed multiple times.

  • Irwinssons memory has been polished and he will no longer continually ask about the broken compass in your inventory. If you have one. If you don't have a broken compass, he's still very forgetful.

  • A missing ground texture has been re-added in one of the Big Game Hunter instances.

  • Selected music will now continue to play after skinning a Big Game Hunter creature.

  • Big Game Hunter - The amount of traps being destroyed is now consistent when choosing to skip or watch the cutscene in multi-spawn encounters.

  • Combat

  • The ring of death upgrade can once again be purchased from Death

  • Completing the fight kiln now states the correctly stats for the capes.

  • The Inert black stone crystal now appears as a special reward for the Black stone dragon in the beasts tab.

  • Fixed an issue where ability cooldowns on action bar were not cleared correctly when adding object to the slot.

  • You can no longer use Double Surge/Escape in F2P

  • Completing the Temple of Aminishi on story mode will no longer state you completed the Shadow Reef.

  • Items that are not valid to be affected by the effect of the Lucky hazemere's signet ring will no longer display a chat message saying they were affected.

  • Removed a comma from the "Seiryu the Azure Serpent" in the reaper task interface and dialogue.

  • Acolyte of Seiryu - Arhat now shows the correct level in the skill guide

  • Tarn Razorlor can no longer be fought in Dominion Tower without having completed the miniquest.

  • An unattackable dog spawn has been removed from personal slayer dungeons.

  • Jogre bones will now display correctly in the drop log whilst the bone crusher is active.

  • The damage from Eldritch crossbow's special attack now works against the pillars in the Nex, Angel of Death encounter.

  • The Boss collection log is now accessible in the instanced area of Death's office.

  • Sacrifice, Devotion and transfigure abilities no longer appear on the beast tab as drops from K'ril Tsutsaroth and Commander Zilyana.

  • Attuned crystal armour body and legs price has been reduced by 50 Tarddian Crystals in Angof's crystal armour shop.

  • Vyres in a personal slayer dungeon will no longer be able to spawn as vampyre juvinates.

  • Updated tooltip to show the correct requirements for concentrated blast.

  • Updated the icon for GWD1 bosses entry requirement within the Beasts interface.

  • Other

  • Oddments will now be correctly given for free-to-play players

  • Slayer, hunter and agility skill training dummies now show correct icon.

  • Trapper fragments can now be obtained from Grenwalls.

  • Updated the bank clean-up filter to include more free to reclaim items.

  • Incorrect messaging has been removed when entering a dungeon in Daemonheim.

  • Super compost will no longer be made instantly when using tomatoes on the compost bin.

  • The Breaking the storm buff that was retained for some users has now been removed

  • Celestial lanterns will no longer count 200m XP in a skill as 'highest'. As such, these will not be highlighted on the interface. As with other XP giving items though, you can still use them on a skill in 200m if you wished.

  • Tooltips have been added to the Treasure Hunter floater to state what promotion is currently running on hover

  • Fixed the skill requirements for the Roake Kal achievement.

  • Barrel puzzle in Daemonheim dungeoneering will no longer block players from completing floor under certain conditions.

  • Correct message now appears when items are placed on scales in Brink of Extinction.

  • A blocked Daeyalt vein in the Meiyerditch mine can now be reached.

  • Moved the grouping system entry for Deathmatch into the Safe PvP filter

  • The description for Harmony aura in aura management now visually matches Salvation & Corruption auras.

  • Removed a double 'the' when receiving the TokHaar-Kal-Ket from Kiln

  • Fixed an error that occurred when selecting the 'One Final Ride' achievement in a F2P world.

  • Corrected tree seedling alch prices and added seedlings to Coeden's seed store in Prifddinas.

  • Added transportation icon for Maczab Ranger in Kanatah to world map

  • Crossbow make-x now displays XP values.

  • Fixed a typo in the Gnomeball's kick counter

  • Updated the tooltip of a suit of armour inside the Legends' guild.

  • Dark beasts are now bored of imitating Ganodermic Beasts and once again sound as expected.

  • All runecrafting pouches now show a consistent capacity format

  • Miraculous treatment will now work on dead goutweed.

  • Added blocking to some mushrooms near the Elf Camp.

  • Fixed a typo with rock slugs.

  • Remora's necklace will now teleport to White Knight Camp in F2P.

  • Fixed an issue where prayer brawling gloves were giving incorrect xp under certain conditions.

  • Don't Bury This One achievement path now states the correct price of an iron hatchet

  • The cancel button in the Vinesweeper store now functions as expected.

  • Added blocking to a bridge in the Underground Pass.

  • Item tooltip will no longer visually transfer stats to items/objects in the background

  • Advisor Ghrim will no longer talk about noted furniture when offered other items.

  • Fixed an issue with the Crystal hatchet clipping outside of the worn inventory slot.

  • Updated the message that appears when attempting to sell an animal while already having the maximum number of beans.

  • A couple of rocks within the Empty Throne Room were missing blocking. This has now been added.

  • Players who have Sliske stuck standing next to Vorago can now correctly interact with him.

  • Player owned farm extreme skilling potions/flasks can now be used with the Potion Reservoir.

  • Players that already own Mackers in their pet interface can no longer reclaim a duplicate pet from the Pet shop owner in Taverley.

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to complete clue scroll if another player was already fighting wizard NPC triggered by the clue scroll.

  • Quests

  • Unfiltered a message in Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Pirate Pete.

  • An issue preventing players from starting the Tears of Guthix quest has been fixed.

  • Master quest cape's teleport to the Legends' Guild now respects the location toggle option chosen from the cape of legends.

  • Fixed a map issue in a cave during the Royal troubles quest.

  • Can now use a Fugu on Laniakea to trigger the end of Helping Laniakea (miniquest).

  • You can no longer start the Evil Dave's big day out before completing the RFD: Freeing Evil Dave quest.

  • The Bar Crawl miniquest is now listed before Scorpion Catcher in the Timeline sort of quests, since it requires completion of the bar crawl.

  • Fixed a typo in witch's house quest journal.

  • Completing the One small favour quest now correctly states you receive an adamantite stone spirit instead of an adamantite ore.

  • Fixed an issue where Elemental Workshop 3 had the wrong amount of reward xp displayed in the quest journal.

  • Fixed the click boxes on the Pernicious Parrots and Tenacious Toucans.

  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in Barbarian Assault waiting room under certain conditions.

  • Fixed a typo within the auto disassembler info window.

  • Cannibal jadinko's correctly named in the Jadinko Warding interface.

  • System broadcasts will now correctly allow you to open any links attached to them while in the lobby.

  • The Treasure Hunter out of keys screen has been graphically updated.

  • Smoothed out the animation when mining in the Clan citadel

  • Capitalised The World Wakes in the requirements message for Mask of the Automatons

  • A line of text shown when opening a coffin in The Branches of Darkmeyer is no longer dismissed immediately.

  • Text

  • Strykewyrm should no longer be partially blocked by the profanity filter.

  • Werby should no longer be partially blocked by the profanity filter.

  • A grammatical error has been corrected in the "Got To Go Around It" achievement.
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    Dark beasts are now bored of imitating Ganodermic Beasts and once again sound as expected.

    Praise the sun and thank you very very much!

    EDIT: Dark beast audio is indeed different now, however you changed it back to its original sound, they are supposed to sound like goraks.

    Just switch gorak and dark beast sound and perfection!

    Still better than ganodermic sound though, blech.
    **Does not understand why "Ironman BTW" is a thing.**

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