Patch Notes - 12/08

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Hey everyone, here are these weeks patches:


  • Changed 'dino island' to 'Anachronia' on the Summer Escape interface within the Anachronia tab.

  • The following Anachronia quickchat options have been added!

  • I have completed "laps" on the Anachronia Agility Course, my fastest lap was "time"

  • I have "num" "base camp resources"

  • I have built "tier" "base camp building"

  • I have "num" Hunter Tokens

  • I have successfully tracked and hunted "num" big game dinosaurs.

  • The 'Leave no zygomite buried' achievement has been updated to include the names of every zygomite. These will become highlighted when the zygomite has been found.

  • Combat

  • Fixed an issue where the Helm of the Parched Wyrm would give a Vyrewatch slayer task at Laniakea.

  • Updated clue scroll map to better reference the updated mining site to the mine south east of Varrock.

  • Devil's snare's special attack will no longer continue after the NPC has died.

  • Armour spikes will no longer damage targets that cannot be attacked by normal means.

  • The Brine Sabre special attack will now work in the Shadow Reef.

  • The ranged skillcape now shows the correct skillcape perk in the ranged skill guide.

  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Core would continue damaging players after the Corporeal Beast had died.

  • Fixed an issue where the Trophy Taker perk could decrease the number of slayer points a player received from a slayer task.

  • Corrected the drop table for the troll 'Pee hat' to drop adamant salvage.

  • Monsters in the collapsing cave during TokTz-Ket-Dill will now hit the player more often.

  • Fixed an issue where co-op slayer kill count was decreasing too much for one partner when both players killed the same creature.

  • Fixed an issue where completing a co-op slayer task could show your slayer task streak as a negative number.

  • Mandrith co-op slayer tasks will now award 8 co-op points when completed.

  • Tuska's Wrath now works with the Elves in GWD2 whilst on task.

  • Fixed an issue where Slayer kill count was decreasing twice if a tagged target was killed by another player.

  • Kalphite Queen will now despawn her Kalphite Guardians when killed in an instance.

  • Updated the Slice ability description to let players know it works on stunned or bound opponents

  • The Elven Ritual Shard will now be dropped rather than destroyed if killed when skulled in the wilderness.

  • Fixed an issue with Dragon Trinkets awarding double slayer kill count.

  • A safe-spot while fighting Moss Golems has been removed.

  • Ironmen can now complete slayer tasks within the Dragonkin Laboratory

  • Gorvek's spine attack will now only hit the main target and players in close proximity to that target.

  • Tuska's Wrath now works correctly with Lava Strykewyrms and Dragons when on task inside ED2

  • Poison damage no longer reduces your Invention charge kit

  • Inconsistencies when using Spellbook Swap from the Lunar and Ancient spellbooks have been resolved.

  • Other

  • Added the clue scroll bonus to the Summer Escape interface. This can be found in the 'Double Up Weekends' tab.

  • Fixed an issue preventing memory shards from being stacked when the player had no free inventory spaces.

  • Hunter training icons can now correctly toggle visibility via the world map.

  • Locked Laniakea in NPC contact's interface now blends in with the rest of the locked NPC's

  • The Illumination aura can now be unequipped.

  • The music track "Beyond Time's Reach" had a rendering error which has been resolved.

  • Changed some of Jex's dialogue to now correctly refer to Siamun as a female.

  • The Spectacular Summer Skill Off is now over! As such, Morn has now packed up and moved on.

  • Obsolete ship parts will now be hidden correctly when upgrades aren't bought in order.

  • Players whom have already got a Cat Training Medal from Gertrude previously can now complete the achievement by talking to Gertrude.

  • You can now choose a skillcape emote correctly when wearing a Completionist cape.

  • Checks have been added to make sure transmogrified states get removed when leaving the Brimhaven Adamant Dungeon.

  • Receiving a Nihil damage enhancer from the Motherload Maw will no longer refer to it as an unused enhancer.

  • The Enhancers interface has been cleaned up

  • Ports enhancers have options to use 5, 10 and All on the enhancer toggle menu.

  • The ordinary willow blackjack can now correctly be used to complete the K'rilow achievement

  • The 'tarromin' and 'marrentill' herbs were the wrong way around in the herb cleaning interface. This has now been fixed.

  • The Azdaran birthright achievement will now show a popup on completion.

  • Fixed an issue where players could cause a movement stall by alternating digging with a spade and reading a book.

  • Fixed an issue where a teleport sound effect was looping during Enakhra's Lament.

  • The TokHaar-Mok achievement has been updated to refer to the correct Smithing level requirement

  • Fixed the music in Death's realm from not playing upon using the hourglass.

  • Several clue scrolls now refer to the correct helms.

  • An Assist System message will no longer appear for Ironman accounts when checking to build a paddock in Player Owned Farm

  • Rat Pits are no longer mentioned on RuneMetrics after completing Rat Catchers quest.

  • Stopped a floating issue while inside the nechryael area of the slayer tower.

  • Replaced combined, but incomplete, godsword blade shards with their component shards.

  • All elegant shirts, blouses, legs and skirts can now be added to PoH.

  • The Shattered Worlds max world reach count has been prevented from increasing before actually reaching the next world.

  • There are no longer two "charges remaining" lines displayed in the tooltip for the TokKul-Zo (Charged)

  • Untradeable items will now show their item value when inside loot interfaces.

  • Examining items in a beast of burden now correctly shows item price.

  • A quick chat option stating how many players in your friends chat are on your world now correctly references this.

  • Unlock hint for HonkyTonky Parade now refers to the correct location.

  • Casting High Level Alchemy on noted Elite Dungeon relics will no longer show a high value warning.

  • Red sandstone will no longer be marked as complete for the 'I Love Dailyscape' achievement if the player does not have access to the rock.

  • The Statue of Rhiannon will now consistently display for players who have fully completed it.

  • Quests

  • Dealing with Scabaras will now correctly state that you will need 36 bronze bars in the quest requirements.

  • Updated The World Wakes Quest overview notes

  • Helping Laniakea (miniquest) is now placed in the correct order under 'Release Date' in the quest list.

  • Dr Nabanik now directs players to the correct winch during The Temple at Senntisten

  • Xenia during The Blood Pact will now give the player a bronze sword, even if the player has another (lesser) weapon equipped or in their inventory

  • Fixed an issue where a player's swimming animation would stop after using the ladder on the sunken ship in Rocking Out.

  • Titans and Familiars can no longer damage the tentacles of Zogoth during the Pieces of Hate.

  • Players can no long reclaim the Gilded Cabbage from May's quest caravan without retrieving it from the Death of Chivalry quest area first.

  • Combat familiars commanded to attack Ekahi and his cyclopean minions during the Head of the Family miniquest no longer continue to attack the cyclopes after you have defeated them.

  • F2P players can no longer access the Elemental Workshop II accept interface via the bookcase

  • Hint arrows used for the Mining sites map are now pointing to correct locations in What's Mine is Yours quest.

  • Dragon Slayer Quest is no longer listed as requirement on Defence skill guide to wear mystic armour and blue dragonhide.

  • Grand Tree rock scrabble shortcut will now correctly show The Grand Tree quest requirement in the Agility skillguide.

  • Fixed an issue where players could not search the Muspah statue in Tale of the Muspah.

  • The Light Creature familiar now correctly acts as a blue charm familiar during the Summers End quest.

  • Movement abilities such as Surge can no longer be used to bypass the core mechanics of the animal pen puzzle of Swept Away.

  • The quest complete screen for 'One Small Favour' will no longer have the log icon misaligned.

  • The Lost Toys miniquest now requires Lord of Vampyrium, as it unlocks areas containing the last of the lost toys, so is required to complete the miniquest.

  • Skilling

  • Mining Guild hidden mine in the dungeoneering skill guide now shows the correct ore type

  • Fixed an issue with cooking via the Clay oven in Neitiznot

  • Fixed an issue where fire spirits found when burning driftwood, would state their host log was Willow.

  • Added skill level to Dungeoneering skill door examine messages.

  • The east-most coal rock at the south-west mining site in Lumbridge Swamp now glows better when under the effect of a rockertunity.

  • Crafting skillcape perk now works when fixing the torn robe top and bottoms of Elidinis

  • Golden Rocks can now be re-obtained from smithing any item that requires heat/re-heating. Previously only Strange rocks would be obtained from smithing, and only smelting would give Golden Rocks.

  • Free to Play players will once again be able to buy and use the Daemonheim skill door boost.

  • Stone Slab in TzHaar City is now accessible at 40 mining

  • The state of an owed sword will now reset correctly when declining a sword via ceremonial smithing

  • Fixed an issue where crafting jewellery from a Beast of Burden could cause the crafted item to be destroyed.

  • If you currently have 5 box traps laid and your hunter level falls below 80, the traps will no longer disappear if you try to repair one.

  • The Crafting skillguide incorrectly stated that the Lapis lazuli ring was a members item, this has been resolved.

  • Inspecting a herb patch will now correctly state when its being protected by the greenfingers aura or the herb protector.

  • Text

  • Fixed a typo for the chat mes when fletching arrows with the skillcape equipped.

  • The tool-tip on Tempest armour no longer states all 5 pieces of the armour are required for the set effect.

  • Fixed a text issue when opening the aura management interface with "open on favourites" checked.

  • Fixed capitalisation inconsistencies for some items.

  • Uncut gems all now have consistent examine text

  • Talking to a kitten will no longer reference the Ardougne rat pits.

  • Removed duplicated text dialogue from Sir Amik Varze and replaced with the correct one.

  • Damage dealt to a Lava geyser is now not shown in chat when the chat is filtered.
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    5th consecutive patch week? Come on Jagex, MTX were supposed to increase actual game updates instead of yielding ever diminishing returns.
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    ModáShauny said:
    Ports enhancers have have options to use 5, 10 and All on the enhancer toggle menu.

    Thank you for that.
    Hello Moto

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    Thanks for the Patches. On another note,
    Ironmen getting +25% Slayer XP
    this week was either a poorly made decision or a huge oversight.

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