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Hey everyone, here's the patches for this week!

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  • Bean There, Done That achievement now checks the totem count correctly

  • Updated achievement text for completing 'Benedict's World Tour, part 1'

  • Fixed a grammatical error in 'Beggars can't be choosers' achievement description

  • "Birds of the Arc" achievement no longer states access to the task-master emote upon completion.

  • Audio

  • A stray water sound effect east of castle wars has been removed.

  • Challenge mode Helwyr now has the correct SFX

  • Combat

  • Fixed an issue where Ice fiends killed on Ice mountain were not counted towards slayer assignments.

  • Boosting your Slayer level to kill NPCs above your base level now awards the correct amount of Slayer XP while on task.

  • Metallic Dragon trinkets now correctly note reinforced dragon bones after killing elite rune dragons.

  • Fixed an issue that stopped some items from being equipped when using presets inside the Shadow Reef elite dungeon.

  • Grotworms are able to damage the player once again.

  • Ironmen can no longer obtain another players summoning scrolls by killing their familiar in the wilderness.

  • Fixed an issue with actions-bars being minimized on login.

  • Mazcha will now suggest you obtain a task from Laniakea if your slayer and combat level is appropriate to do so.

  • Fixed the Idle animations for the Lizard and Corrupted lizard in the slayer codex.

  • Fixed an issue where Heated Tea Flasks were being consumed when used on a Co-op slayer partner.

  • The Puncture bleed applied when using the Mutated Dazing shot ability is now cleared reliably. This change will effect the likes of the reflect mechanic on phase 2 of the Vorago encounter.

  • Tuskas wrath will now deal the extra damage to Kal'gerion Demons inside of Elite Dungeon 3 whilst on the correct slayer task.

  • The Jungle Demon, during the Monkey Madness quest will now deal damage through Protect from magic prayers.

  • The Manifestations during the Solak encounter should now consistently clear at the end of the fight.

  • Vorago's DoT melee attack (Destroy tank) now no longer has the Dismember tooltip information. The icon remains and the tooltip has been removed.

  • Twin Furies will now show debuffs applied to them.

  • Bound and unbound Argonite arrows now have same damage values.

  • Reflected damage from armour spikes and deathtouched bracelets is now applied at Nex: Angel of Death

  • The Corrupted slayer helmet now appears correctly under the Defence skill guide

  • Corrected the full slayer helmet tier 4 defence requirement in the slayer rewards shop to match its level

  • A typo in the Vengeance cooldown debuff has been corrected.

  • Fetcher can now be instructed to automatically reset the Liberation of Mazcab raid lock when the 48 hour timer is up.

  • Clues

  • Ned will now instantly recognise if you have a clue scroll in your inventory.

  • A sailor in port sarim will now recognise when you have a clue scroll in your inventory, even when clicking to "pay-fare".

  • The Mysterious Clue Scroll from A Void Dance can now be used to dig with the player's spade on the their tool belt.

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't claim their clue scroll from the Ava's Alerter when clue scrolls were toggled off in settings.

  • A clue scroll leading to the Desert Quarry has been updated to reflect changes made in the Mining & Smithing rework.

  • Engine and Client

  • Improved the way text and models are rendered on mobile devices.

  • Fixed an issue preventing certain textures from displaying correctly on mobile devices.

  • Fixed client freezing on mobile devices when network connection is disabled.

  • Adds the ability for web shop detail to be rendered in game.

  • Fixed inputs on mobile devices sometimes incorrectly occurring at the previously tapped location.

  • Fixed shader crash on Nokia Phones.

  • Packaged previous warm fixes in to mobile client.

  • Fixed Command key modifier for Mac OS.

  • A Engine side change has been made to improve puzzle box behaviour.

  • We've made improvements to font rendering

  • Graphics

  • Players can no longer walk inside a rock in Sophanem slayer dungeon

  • Smithing with a Golden hammer now shows the hammer being wielded during the animation

  • Seren during Desperate Times now has the correct graphic icon

  • A safe spot when fighting Nightmare creatures has been removed.

  • Blocking missing from the Carpenter's house in Sophanem has been corrected.

  • Corrected various visual issues in the cutscene played during Ritual of the Mahjarrat.

  • The Artefact in the King Black Dragon's lair was missing blocking. This has now been added.

  • The Greyscale filter will now correctly change things into greyscale

  • Minigames

  • We have made some changes to the 'Vial my Herbs' reward from Livid Farm:

  • 1. The various juju herbs to will now work correctly when using the reward.

  • 2. The reward will now recognize Arbuck & Bloodweed.

  • 3. Fellstalk will now work correctly when using the reward.

  • Quests

  • Added more access to the Sextant during The Path of Glouphrie

  • Fixed a typo on the Blood Runs Deep quest reward interface.

  • Unlock Hint for The Seat of Power now references it being unlocked in the correct quest: Jack of Spades

  • Fixed a typo in the rewards section of the quest interface for Blood Runs Deep.

  • The Supreme Commander will no longer refer to Veldaban as being dead after he steps down as king in Birthright of the Dwarves

  • Corrected two occurrences of "Kerepac" in the Desperate Times quest journal.

  • The door now successfully opens when completing the crypt puzzle in Lord of Vampyrium

  • fixed an issue where some animals in the Purple Cat miniquest had the wrong coloured text.

  • Ivy Sophista will no longer talk about the events of While Guthix Sleeps if the player has not started the quest.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the player to continue performing a channeling animation during Beneath Cursed Tides

  • Flame fragments from Lost Her Marbles no longer incorrectly state they are kept on death.

  • During 'The Needle Skips' quest you will now correctly unlock the memory fragment 'A second chance' when using the keyword 'Megan'

  • Fixed an issue where some chapters of the Needle Skips had their text cut off.

  • Hassan is no longer visible on the Al Kharid Palace roof whilst you're taking the magic carpets with him to Menaphos, during the Jack of Spades quest.

  • Fixed a typo within Kerapac's dialogue when speaking to him during the Desperate Times quest.

  • Updated some of Senliten's dialogue in the Our Man In The North quest.

  • Corrected some typos in Assistant Librarian Subotai dialogue.

  • Fixed a typo when talking to Jhallan in The Tale of The Muspah quest.

  • The empty throne room is no longer listed as a reward from The Dig Site quest, as this is no longer required to access the room.

  • The quest offered to Philipe is now correctly called Philipe's Big Adventure.

  • Skilling

  • Samid's gloves now activate correctly when training divination and invention.

  • Jumping over the bridge in Gu'Tanoth will now only ask for coins once!

  • Can now chop down trees in Miscellania whilst having the Dwarven chainaxe in the players inventory.

  • The furnace at the Tyras Camp can now be used to smelt items.

  • Magic essence will now be highlighted in the interface when using vials of water, if the player has a star flower.

  • You can now add Dungeoneering Pickaxes to your Toolbelt even if you don't have the required Mining level for them.

  • Fixed an issue where Grace of the Elves would list an un-attuned Max guild portal as the first option when on the action bar.

  • A second guard has been added to the south side of the Anachronia Base Camp that can deal with all your agility needs.

  • Arctic Pine Logs will no longer be assigned as a daily task, before you have the ability to reach them.

  • Updated the examine text for Acadia log fires which will now show the type of logs used.

  • The Breakdown perk description now uses correct terminology.

  • Added a toggle in the settings menu to turn strength xp on or off for barbarian bare-hand fishing

  • Text

  • Fixed a typo with the Summer Escape interface showing a weekend event during the week.

  • Thakkrad Sigmundson has finally heard about the Mining and Smithing rework; at the end of the Fremennik Isles quest, he now says that you can mine drakolith beyond the north-east bridge, instead of runite.

  • Prime Colossus pet now remembers the name you give them.

  • Upgraded bone blowpipe unlocks correctly in the crafting skill guide

  • Drying out Troll thistle on a fire now displays the correct message

  • Crystal teleport seed now displays "1 charge left" instead of "1 charges left".

  • Fixed an issue with Elen Anterth's dialogue when finishing the Elite Tirannwn tasks with a full inventory.

  • Thieves' Guild trainer grammar typo has been fixed.

  • Fixed a typo when speaking to the Natural Historian, in the Varrock Museum.

  • Fixed an issue where dialogue with Davon suggested he restocked some types of amulets.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause dialogue to show in the chat log without a player's name when logging in near an Evil tree

  • A message displayed when draining prayer points from the Spirit Prayer Pig now correctly indicates how many points were drained.

  • Tweaked Punish tooltip to be more accurate.

  • Fixed Choc ices naming inconsistencies

  • Fire spirit/divine fire spirit emerging message now appears correctly when in filtered game messages.

  • Converting lucky charms with a full inventory now provides an inventory full message

  • Corrected the message listing the Thok It To 'Em saga reward "Unabridged (requires 100% completion of secondary objectives): 75,765 Dungeoneering XP" to "Strength XP".

  • Entering Rabid Jack's fight will now tell you to keep an eye on your insanity, as you can imagine that's quite important.

  • Fixed an issue where dialogue was missing when boarding Lokar Searunner's ship.

  • Added Sailfish to the Calorie bomb description when discovering it.

  • Added a full stop to a Burthorpe merchant's examine text.

  • Quotation marks have been removed from incense examine texts.

  • Auto-Sanctifier unlock description now correctly displays as holding 50 charges instead of 10.

  • Added members icon next to pure essence in the Mining skill guide.

  • Fritz the Glassblower dialogue now directs you to the correct location for seaweed.

  • A message displayed when combining the warped gorajan outfit no longer states it has to be worn to apply the discount it gives.

  • Reckless and Maniacal aura descriptions have been changed to reference it cannot be used in the wilderness

  • The tool-tip on Quake now correctly states that it reduces the defence of all targets hit.

  • Fixed a typo when speaking to Kaleb Paramaya.

  • Slayer assignment for Cres's Automatons tip no longer mentions Grotworms.

  • A typo has been corrected in the Skinweaver familiar chat.

  • A grammatical inconsistency within the Dungeoneering skill guide has been resolved.

  • Fixed a typo within the Dominion Tower achievements and rewards interface.

  • Various typos of "truly" have been fixed in Vorago's chat and messaging on login for the previous removal of the Defeater title.

  • Fixed inconsistent capitalisation on the word 'Journal' on several items.

  • Fixed a number formatting issue when setting a new pin on a treasure chest.

  • Fixed an issue causing D&D notifications to spam the player's chat log.

  • Fixed a typo on the hover tooltip for attuned crystal Armour in Angof's shop.

  • Fixed a typo during the banking tutorial that was not displaying the current amount of coins a player has.

  • Fixed a typo on the island of Tuai Leit.

  • A grammatical issue during the Family Crest quest has been resolved.

  • The Stronghold of Security Guard no longer references setting security questions

  • A grammatical error when a Seren Spirit disappears has been resolved.

  • Updated Geyser titan dialogue to reference geodes instead of gems.

  • Updated the quick chat message for the Amulet of the Forsaken.

  • Other

  • Shop interfaces no longer close if you have less than 3 inventory spaces left and have never seen the full inventory popup.

  • Clan Chat Job titles will once again now update the Clan Chat player list when the alphabetical position changes with display name.

  • The Herb bag gives now shows correct information when examined.

  • Removed the Player owned port enhancer from the hidden Temple of Aminishi trunk.

  • Fixed a typo within the Stanley Limelight Traders shop.

  • Camera shake can now be disabled in the Game Interaction section of gameplay general settings.
  • Mod Shauny - RuneScape Community Management - Goebies! - @JagexShauny
    I love Clans!

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    Nothing against patches but for real, where's the new content? 6 weeks in a row with nothing to new do is a hell of a long time, what's the problem?
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    More dailyscape for both clans and individuals... why not let players choose when they wish to play by foregoing the psychological pressure of limited time event spam?
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    Awe inspiring list of patches! Thanks for your amazing commitment to keeping RuneScape alive and well! It's not commonplace to have weekly patches for most software. The work that it takes to pull this off as cleanly as Jagex does week after week is admirable to say the least.

    19-Aug-2019 14:01:34

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    Sharp-shin said:
    More dailyscape for both clans and individuals... why not let players choose when they wish to play by foregoing the psychological pressure of limited time event spam?

    ...? Nobody's forcing you to do this lol

    Sounds like more of an interpersonal problem if you're throwing words like "psychological pressure" over one of the first clan events in years. It's a solid update based around new content.

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    Bronn said:
    Sharp-shin said:
    More dailyscape for both clans and individuals... why not let players choose when they wish to play by foregoing the psychological pressure of limited time event spam?

    ...? Nobody's forcing you to do this lol

    Sounds like more of an interpersonal problem if you're throwing words like "psychological pressure" over one of the first clan events in years. It's a solid update based around new content.

    If you aren't pressured by dailyscape, consider yourself lucky, because many players aim to be efficient because they find it fun, and Jagex knows this and how to manipulate it: giving more exp and other boosts manipulates said players into playing more often than they would otherwise.
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