Patch Notes - 19/08

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Mobile App now has some very disappointing bugs. Whenever you open your bank the whole mobilephone crashes. But sometimes I'm lucky and it works for 3 seconds and then i crashes..
Please fix it. :)

Else good job

20-Aug-2019 09:58:27

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I noticed that the Eldritch Crossbow has a graphical glitch right now. When I am in combat, but not actually in a casting animation for an ability, the crossbow is invisible...

So for instance, if I use Anticipation the crossbow is visible during the little head roll but after that and until I either cast a new ability or am no longer in combat, it looks like I don't have a weapon equipped.

Submitted a bug report for this ingame but wanted to put it up here as well.

EDIT: Found out this only happens when wearing the elf ear cosmetics.

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Sorry I did not reply last week. Thanks for fixing the issue regarding the Golden Hammer animation being broken when smithing. JAGEX PLEASE START PLANING FOR A 300Million Account Event.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Quick find code: 185-186-627-65997434

28-Aug-2019 07:17:17

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