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Hey everyone, here's the patches for this week!

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  • The Mobile perk now correctly lowers the cooldown of the Barge ability.

  • Fixed an issue where the constitution cape perk was preventing players from being healed in combat whilst in a bank.

  • Fixed an issue where spirit shields could be made without 90 Prayer.

  • Erethdor's Grimoire will no longer degrade whilst in Solak's arena.

  • Damage received when playing Pyramid Plunder has been changed to feel more in-line with EoC.

  • An issue preventing the use of abilities when the player has Abyssal Dragon Crossbows and Tirannwn Quiver 4 equipped has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where the Superior scrimshaw of aggression took longer to get the aggression of NPC's.

  • Dyed ascension crossbows can now be equipped via the action bar.

  • Fixed an issue where the Golems in Spirits of the Elid were not weak to the correct combat styles.

  • Trimmed Masterwork armour is now correctly dropped to a PKer when holding players are killed in the Wilderness.

  • There is now a confirmation dialogue when choosing to lose everything in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon reward chest.

  • The Reprisal ability is no longer inaccessible from the ability book.

  • Sigils will now be removed and refund given correctly on F2P worlds.

  • An active ingenuity of the humans effect no longer causes a crash when a ranged bleed is queued up.

  • Impatient will no longer trigger on sigil abilities.

  • The Kuradal's Favour and Slayer's Insight Sigil abilities will no longer spam players in the chat box when teleporting regardless of if they were owned or not.

  • Sigil Abilities will no longer give chat box messages when their effects wear off as there are now buff bar icons to communicate this.

  • Certain sigils were able to be used and spammed when on cool-down, this has now been fixed and they can't be used when on cool-down.

  • The examine text for Compressed Anima in the Shattered Worlds Reward shop has been updated to reflect its recent change with the Sigil Removal update.

  • A disconnection when loggin in to remove sigil objects has been resolved.

  • Skilling

  • Enriched cursed memories now give the correct XP at level 90.

  • Fixed an issue where players could bypass the mining level requirement of skillchompas.

  • Sentinel fragments and strange rocks can now be gained from Bloodwood trees.

  • Cooking Gauntlets now show up as part of the Sous chef Set Bonus tooltip.

  • Prevented a script crash/error related to the Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup gem rocks.

  • When using the guide option on a farming patch, the skillguide will now show the correct filter within the dropdown menu.

  • You will now gain herblore XP when using a Divine Herb Patch with the master farmer outfit.

  • Take A Bow tooltip now directs the player to the correct locations to complete.

  • Fixed some grammatical errors within the Curse of the Black Stone quest.

  • Corrected a typo in the Thok Your Block Off quest journal.

  • Reordered right click options for max guild skilling portals tuned to fairy rings.

  • Moved crashed star location around the Artisan workshop to reduce clipping.

  • Rocktail and sailfish soups will now fill cooking urns.

  • The Master farmer will now play a stunning animation when being caught pick pocketing.

  • Text

  • Fixed a typo in a dialogue during Branches of Darkmeyer quest.

  • Fixed an issue with text that was being cut off in 'a moment's respite' memory in 'The needle skips.

  • Roundhouse Woodcutting maple tree's in Miscellania now provides the correct mes.

  • Fixed an issue where 'king worm' was misspelled in the Fairy Tale 1 quest journal.

  • Fixed a typo in the 'Some old dusty journals' achievement that implied players had to read the journals for the achievement.

  • Fire spirits will now no longer use the plural 'Logs' when attempting to reward you with extra firemaking XP for a single log.

  • The Teleport Spell names and descriptions are now more consistent with each other.

  • Fixed a typo within the minigames tab regarding the location of the Dominion Tower.

  • Fixed a typo with Will Dee's dialogue.

  • Updated gender specific text from Sir Lancelot.

  • Fixed a typo when curing animals at Manor farm.

  • Corrected typos with the Freezy pet.

  • Added a quickchat message for player owned farm bean count.

  • Corrected a typo for the word "Treacherous.

  • Fixed Typo in a Lumbridge achievement Building Up Strength.

  • Fixed typo in The Digsite quest.

  • Typo in accept aid settings fixed.

  • Fixed typo when trying to deposit into the storm barn without any appropriate items.

  • Fixed a typo within Wizard Rinsit's Runecrafting shop.

  • Fixed a typo in Hannibus dialogue during Curse of the Black Stone quest.

  • Giant ent pouch tooltip updated to include bushes.

  • Fixed typos in the assassination of Bletchley cutscene.

  • Fixed an issue that was incorrectly naming 'hatchets' as 'axes' within Elof's metal exchange shop.

  • The capitalisation of animal traits is now consistent.

  • Fixed American armor to Armour during Curse of the black stone cutscene.

  • Incorrect message will no longer appear when adding animals to pens under certain conditions.

  • Fixed a typo in Bosun Higgs dialogue during Curse of the Black Stone quest.

  • Fixed a typo in Hannibus dialogue during Curse of the Black Stone quest.

  • The bar inside Char's training arena has been changed from "Time remaining" to "Time elapsed.

  • The Nadir saga will now show the correct XP rewards.

  • The Leave option on the needle will now display a chat message informing the player that they have left the needle alone.

  • FIxed an issue with some traits appearing on the animal but not actually working.

  • Corrected the message when handing in sq'irk juice to Emir.

  • Correctly updated the cooking skill guide to state when green blubber jellyfish will stop burning when using cooking gauntlets.

  • Quick chat Creatures of the Lost grove is now capitalized correctly.

  • The make X interface in Daemonheim now correctly states clean instead of mix when cleaning herbs.

  • Other

  • The Advanced Mode help button on the character creation screen no longer switches you to the previous mode if you decline choosing an advanced mode before pressing it.

  • Waterfiend no longer spawns inside a pillar in Ghorrock Fortress Dungeon.

  • Elegant tops are now shown under the correct treasure chest collection in the Costume room storage.

  • The Easter music track no longer plays at the Lumbridge crater.

  • Fixed an issue where Zimberfizz was not charging players to imbue their rings.

  • Khazard armour can no longer be disassembled or alched.

  • Failing to teleport Via Bonesack will no longer use up the weekly charge.

  • Items in an inventory can no longer be incorrectly swapped during animations.

  • Players will no longer keep the Seagull event overlay open from Pieces of Hate if they happen to teleport away with it open.

  • The Necklace of Charos can now be correctly reclaimed from Uri if it has been keepsaked.

  • It is no longer possible to activate overrides in Castle Wars under certain conditions.

  • The quest overview for The Eyes of Glouphrie quest now displays as accepted at the correct quest state.

  • Logging in to a free to play world while previously inside a Troll Invasion game will now correctly remove you from the game.

  • Added a toggle for the Quest point cape in the Retro Skillcapes section of the Gameplay - Miscellaneous of the game settings.

  • Crystal implings no longer fly through blocked map tiles in Priff (fixing the issues players had near the Crwys farming patch.

  • Players clicking out of the small cutscenes during Rune Memories quest will now have the runes returned to them rather than staying fixed to the locations they were placed upon to trigger the memory. This will prevent niche cases where some players threw an error when entering another memory while some runes were placed at a previous memory location.

  • We have updated Young Ralph's model.

  • Guesting clan members will now correctly display in the clan chat list if you are a member of the clan.
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    7th consecutive patch week + dailyscape, with more handouts in the form of a raffle... for which you've added MTX as well. Disappointing, where's the actual content?
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    Haseyo Vii
    has read these patch notes, and will be testing ALL of them to make sure they're actually in game! I will edit this post when all is done!

    All updates seem to be working as INTENDED!
    GREAT PATCHES THIS WEEK, can't wait for next week!
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    > Trimmed Masterwork armour is now correctly dropped to a PKer when holding players are killed in the Wilderness.

    How about normal masterwork? I don't remember trimmed being broken.
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    I really hope to kick of sept. all this waiting will pay off. Gotta be something good for this long, or maybe a few good somethings? A quest that leads to unlocking a boss? have to wait and see i guess. Usually the longer it goes the more invovled the content was, or i am trusting. but the Urns with the Ports food is a really good one. Always kinda wished it would do that. never thought of it as a bug, but, good stuff.

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