Patch Notes - 21/01

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  • An issue causing AoE spells, such as the burst and barrage ancient magicks, to not award adrenaline correctly has been fixed.

  • Performing abilities whilst moving with revolution enabled will now correctly play attack animations.

  • Added a small delay when equipping items from the action bar so that they can't accidentally be instantly removed.

  • The Provoke ability can no longer accidentally be triggered when equipping a Barrows shield.

  • Should the Mutated Dazing Shot ability or Salt the Wound miss on your enemy, the timer for Puncture will now still extend.

  • The Mutated Dazing Shot ability puncture effect will no longer cause Nex to heal during the blood siphon phase.

  • Ability queuing will no longer stop the buff from Needle strike going to the following ability.

  • Ability queuing will no longer stall the players movement after using an ability.

  • Ability queuing no longer stops 'on-tick' heals with the Resonance ability.

  • Seren Godbow special attack changes:

  • Fixed an issue with some of the damage calculations.

  • The special attack now ensures damage bonuses are applied correctly, for example Death's Swiftness.

  • The Bladed dive ability will no longer change the direction the player is facing shortly after using it.

  • Bladed dive will now award adrenaline when being used to enter combat.

  • Using a basic ability while running in to combat will now award adrenaline correctly.

  • Bladed Dive will no longer allow you to click on another player when activating it outside PvP

  • The damage modifiers from damage enhancing scrimshaws, Berseker auras and the Metamorphosis ability are now calculated earlier. This means that bosses phase correctly when they reach their HP threshold and mechanics that rely on damage to progress (such as Telos' tendrils or Vorago's pushback phases (Phase 5 - Normal Mode, Phase 10/11 - Hard Mode)) will now take the additional damage from the modifiers into the equation.

  • Boss kill time messages are no longer filtered.

  • There is no longer a small delay of the character after using the Snipe ability with Nightmare gauntlets equipped.

  • The damage values of rune throwing axes have been corrected.

  • The phase transitions for Rune Dragons has been vastly improved and made smoother.

  • The book of death effect should now correctly work when fighting Rune Dragons.

  • Removed a delay when activating the Metamorphosis ability.

  • Aggression potions now correctly affect cockatrices.

  • We've now added a way to track your highest Telos streak, everyone's will start at 0 and streaks completed from the launch of this update will track your highest streak

  • You can now quickchat your current Telos killstreak and enrage as well as quickchat your highest killstreak

  • When viewing Telos in the beast tab it'll now display your highest killstreak

  • Added a small delay after first activating the Reprisal ability so that its effect cannot be immediately triggered by accident.

  • Solak

  • Fixed an issue with Solak trying to delay his phase 3 transition whilst doing the Binding Crush attack.

  • Players that remained in Solak's mind from phase 3 to 4 will no longer get teleported back to the base map after their 10 seconds are up.

  • Fixed an issue where certain abilities and actions were stopping Solak from awarding loot.

  • The instakill on the last phase of the Solak fight will no longer consume signs of life/death.

  • The Ancient Elven Ritual Shard's debuff cooldown timer now accurately displays how much time must pass before it can be used again.

  • Increased the collection log tracking cap on Erethdor's Grimoire pages from Solak.

  • Kill count for Solak will no longer be awarded after dying and then standing in a different Solak instance.

  • The instakill on phase 4 of Solak will no longer hit players that died in that battle and then stood in a different Solak instance.

  • An issue that could cause players to not be able to properly transition into phase 4 if a member of the team died and created their own Solak instance has been resolved.

  • Solak duo mode and group mode kill times now display separately in the Beasts tab, and can be broadcasted separately. Duo mode falls under (HM).

  • Ninja

  • Allowed a worn slot to be added to an action bar slot, allowing you to use that slot's options even when switching items.

  • The Dominion Tower rewards interface has been reworked and now supports buy-x.

  • Changed the dominion journal's destroy message between its completed and unfinished state.

  • Dominion Tower climber now rolls for handicap more quickly by skipping the need for the "Stop" button.

  • Reaching a Shattered Worlds checkpoint now restores lifepoints, prayer points, summoning points, run energy and cures poison.

  • Mining

  • The Al Kharid hidden mine will no longer show as being a members unlock in the Dungeoneering skill guide as it is now a free to play unlock

  • Metamorphic geodes now give strange rocks for each one if all are not owned or the statue is not built.

  • You can no longer mine crablets on another player's uncharted isle.

  • The description of juju mining potion and perfect juju mining potion reflected an outdated design, and they have been updated to correctly match their current effect.

  • Strong mining urn now works correctly in F2P.

  • The mining skillguide now correctly states what the mining skillcape effect is.

  • The Polishing, Imp-Souled, Butter-Fingers, and Cheapskate invention perks will now work correctly while mining

  • Players now have the option to turn off Mining hitsplats for Critical Swings and Rockertunities

  • Known issue: Hitsplats are currently causing players in Safe Mode Java to crash. The ability to turn hitsplats off now allows those players to mine without crashing.

  • The mine to the south east of Varrock now houses tin ore, as previously stated on the world map icon tooltip.

  • Updated ores and combat items in NPC guide prices within the grand exchange

  • Coal trucks now correctly work for the everything is oresome achievement.

  • Players will no longer be able to remove pickaxes from their toolbelts while in New Varrock

  • Banite rocks double ore mining no longer mentioned twice on Mining Skill guide.

  • Liquid Gold Nymph will no longer gild pickaxe in the toolbelt when you pick option 'Give the Nymph a different pickaxe'.

  • Necrite rocks will now have appropriate colours when seen with the textures disabled.

  • Some blocking next to a Mithril rock in the Trahaearn district has been removed to allow miners to move around the rock more easily

  • Strong mining urns now work correctly in F2P.

  • Smithing

  • Pets, familiars and followers are no longer able to enter the Artisans' Workshop.

  • A forge and anvil in the Yanille workshop have been moved to allow Clue Scroll enthusiasts to once again dig from within the building. Clue Hunters rejoice!

  • Steel and Iron platebodies can be smelted into ingots

  • Coal bag has been replaced by the autoheater on the dungeoneering skillguide.

  • While superheating you won't lose more bars than intended anymore.

  • Using superheat Item works as expected with Smelting gauntlets

  • Silvthril chain now also correctly requires mithril bar to be made.

  • The Smithing Auto-Heater will now consume 5 coal, instead of 1, to reheat in-progress smithing items at zero heat

  • Players who still have Portable Forges will now find that they can be converted into portable skilling packs when used.

  • Players can once again use Smelting Gauntlets to make 60 of Masterwork Alloy bars

  • Accessing any functionality with the metal bank, aside from depositing, will now require a bank pin

  • Updated Smithing skillguide for Bane heat upgrades.

  • The smithing skillguide now tells you how much faster you smelt bars.

  • Mining & Smithing Other

  • Corrected the answer to the treasure trail challenge "How many rocks can not be used to make bronze in the Rimmington mine?" to reflect changes to the environment with the Mining & Smithing rework.

  • The layout of the Varrock south-east mining sites has been updated to more closely resemble an easy clue scroll map.

  • The Varrock south-east mining icon now includes tin ore (but not enough to spawn rockertunities).

  • Some unobtainable gloves were removed from the grand exchange.

  • Sheathed bane pickaxes now animate correctly.

  • Armour spikes will no longer damage invulnerable enemies.

  • Moved clue location under the Artisans' workshop wall to nearby tile.

  • Using flatpack depacker allows you to make 60 flatpacks at once again

  • The Spring Cleaner will now use the appropriate amount of Springs when alching noted salvage, previously it would only use 1 Spring for a stack of multiple salvage

  • All fanatics have now been given their notice of termination and sent home as their service is no longer required after the Mining and Smithing rework release; this is in part due to numerous noise complaints.

  • Armour Spikes will now be kept on death.

  • Armour spikes now works correctly on larger monsters.

  • Updated the Smithing requirements for POH armour displays to match the Mining & Smithing rework level req changes.

  • The resourceful aura examine has been updated to correctly match what it does.

  • The 'Milestones' tab on the Mining and Smithing skillguides no longer displays all levelling benefits

  • Chat head models for the new Mining & Smithing armours have been slightly adjusted to be more consistent

  • Daily Mining and Smithing challenges no longer state that you need to hand over any items.

  • Updated pipe texture when a luminite injector is active in the Artisans' workshop.

  • 'Perfect' jewellery consumes both ingredients as intended.

  • Attempting to create a perfect gold ring or perfect gold necklace whilst already owning one will no longer cause a disconnection.

  • Other

  • The 'Champions. What Champions' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.

  • An issue that caused the food troughs at the player owned farm to only be able to add as much mush to the trough as free inventory spaces you had has been resolved and as such you can add up to 60 Mush into a trough again at once.

  • Issues that stopped players from being able to create bloodrager pouches in Daemonheim have been resolved and the interface should again correctly identify how many pouches a player can make and of what type - restoring normal functionality.

  • Rune minotaur pouch now requires 100 spirit shards instead of 1 spirit shard.

  • Recently completed quest achievements no longer give an error as they have nowhere to link to.

  • Added some chat to Violet in her quest on the ice puzzle section to mention that you can push her diagonally.

  • It is no longer possible to repeatedly log out and in to obtain free rewards from opening Treasure Hunter.

  • It is no longer possible to obtain free rewards/taster rewards from 2CT promotions.

  • Dungeoneering team card will no longer work on multiple floors.

  • Fixed an issue when dismissing an inventory based follower pet on a F2P world could cause players to disconnect.

  • Fixed an issue where some players would receive 'You have items awaiting delivery that you have purchases from the Loyalty Shop or website. Please clear space in your pack to allow for delivery.' message even though no items were awaiting delivery.

  • There is a new user setting called "Automatically trigger regenerate" which activates when leaving combat. The setting can be found under Gameplay-> Combat-> Action Bar.

  • This setting is disabled by default for existing users but will be enabled by default for any new users or any returning users that have lapsed for over 3 months.
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    Thanks for the patches; hopefully the actual game update does well too! > )

    EDIT: Nvm, thanks for the patches anyway.
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    Sweet combat update is here, love this update

    Improved my rax time by an entire minute with this update. I wouldn't even consider this path to be the easiest.

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    No meaningful content, but still amazing patches.
    Mod Poerkie said:
    - Should the Mutated Dazing Shot ability or Salt the Wound miss on your enemy, the timer for Puncture will now still extend.
    - There is a new user setting called "Automatically trigger regenerate" which activates when leaving combat. The setting can be found under Gameplay-> Combat-> Action Bar.
    The above two stood out for me. Gj and thx!

    With auto-regen enabled and no adrenaline, I get the usual "This ability requires adrenaline in order to be used.", which is rather spammy when I travel long diastances with Surge (& other movement abilities). No actual combat involved. Could we get a fix for that plz?!

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