Patch Notes - 04/11

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Hey everyone, here are the patch notes for this week!

  • With the festivities over, Gielinor's farmers have collected up all of the pumpkins decorating the world's trees.

  • Menaphos typo has been spelled correctly now when retuning portal to Menaphos VIP area.

  • Emerald lantern can no longer be equipped through the bank interface.

  • Livid Farm produce points now shown correctly in the currency pouch.

  • Implemented a fix to help ease frame rate drops if the buff bar incorrectly displays.

  • Swapping overrides from Felix will now correctly clear body parts.

  • Fixed an issue that showed the 'Claim Felix' screen multiple times during the Catwalk promo. This no longer occurs.

  • Localised Treasure Hunter banner now appears on non english speaking worlds.

  • Acadia logs are now shown in the firemaking milestones.

  • Certain music tracks beginning with "The" now appear in their proper places within the music player.

  • Right clicking on the Dwarven Instinct now says Deactivate instead of remove.

  • Lol's tooltip now says chosen champion instead of acting champion on round 2 in the tournament board.

  • Added text detailing damage done in Big Game Hunter.

  • Implemented a Fletch-3 option in Big Game Hunter to create spears more efficiently.

  • Glitchy quest-in-progress hintarrows have been removed from Let Them Eat Pie and Druidic Ritual.

  • When you only have 1 spear and click on a trap, the make-X screen will no longer appear.

  • Bladed dive can now be used on frogs and it will instantly start to gather poison from them.

  • There is now a confirmation message that will inform you of the logs/vines/spears you will lose after you skinned the dinosaur and leave.

  • Having a helmet on the helmet stand on Anachronia now grants extra slayer experience as intended.

  • Fixed typo in dialogue with Zahur, Bob Barter and Rhobert Dail.

  • Hidden has been correctly spelled in the YOU ARE IT quest journal.

  • Apostrophe has now been added to the word I'm.

  • Fixed an issue where lower level players were crashing upon receiving large amounts of experience.

  • Typo has been corrected, it now displays "whose" in Charos dialogue.

  • Removed incorrect dialogue for stronghold of player safety guard.

  • Whilst using the small furnace in Tyras Camp players are now approaching the furnace at the correct side (in front of the opening) instead of the wrong side.

  • You will now no longer receive compacted resources when at the Anachronia base camp resource cap.

  • When activating an enchanted gem to contact Turael/Spria, he/she will now state he/she is in Burthorpe, not Taverley.

  • Troll chuckers, shamans and brutes in the Burthorpe troll cave now all give golden rocks.

  • Added a mini/worldmap icon to the kebbit hunter area west of Burthorpe.

  • You will now receive a clearer message on how to summon Penny once the pet is unlocked.

  • During "One of a kind", Mr Mordaut can no longer discuss events that have not happened yet.

  • Fixed an issue with Zaff's skin texture in What Lies Below quest.

  • Typo for vengeance has been fixed under match information for the boss Lol in the Dominion Tower.

  • Tuska Gauntlets will now correctly state the level in the hover tool tip.

  • Fixed a typo during dialogue with a Goebie lost in Nemi forest.

  • Corrected some grammar when adding notes to the Umbral Diplomacy lore book.

  • Fixed an issue with Strisath's chathead animation during While Guthrix Sleeps quest.

  • Player can no longer jump off the wrong side of the platform during Seiryu battle.
  • Players can now open scroll boxes while on uncharted islands.

  • Expanded the area which is considered the lobby of the Duel arena for the purposes of an easy clue scroll.

  • Fixed some dialogue during the needle skips quest.

  • Destroying Elite farming outfit pieces no longer describes all of them as master farmer pieces despite not being so.

  • The examine text of portable wells will no longer be cut off in the chat box.

  • Fixed a typo when talking to Lennissa the spy, during The Curse of Zaros miniquest.

  • Saying goodbye to Gertrude inside New Varrock now correctly closes the chat.

  • Players will no longer be able to access the Edgeville Furnace by using items with the furnace on a F2P world.

  • Attempting to use item on the sink in the Keldagrim warhammer shop opened a dialogue where the NPC's name was displayed as "DWARF_CITY_SHOP_WARHAMMER", rather than Vigr.

  • Fixed an issue causing Wilderness Slayer buffs to be given to players outside of the wilderness.

  • Fixed a typo in Preserved Meat examine text.

  • Original slayer helmet now correctly give any accuracy bonus to melee.

  • Fixed an issue with Araxxor puzzle toggle op.

  • Seers Village task diary reward NPC's will now correctly state the amount of coal that Stankers stores relative to each tier of reward (252, 280 and then 308).

  • Lessened the harshness of warped terrorbird and tortoise in the poison waste dungeon as well as toned down the chime sound a little.

  • A typo in the "Merlin's Crystal" quest required items section has been fixed.

  • The option to destroy an entire skilling set after destroying a single piece has been added to: The Artisan's outfit, The Blacksmith's outfit, The Botanist's outfit, The Sous chef's outfit and the Constructor's outfit.

  • Smithing skillscape perk now has correct description in Smithing Skillguide.

  • Concentrated coal is now updated and displayed under Level 70 in mining skill-guide.

  • A typo in the "Death Plateau" quest information describing a level 4 Troll, which is in fact level 2, has been fixed.

  • Added messaging for attempting to revive dead herbs that were planted before the miraculous treatment invention existed. These herbs cannot be revived and must be discarded.

  • A typo in Yakaminu's dialogue has been fixed.

  • It is no longer possible to obtain duplicate Thinker outfit pieces from Motherload Maw.

  • All Elf style outfits should now be able to be placed in the fancy dress box in the POH.

  • Updated the message when playing for 4 hours.

  • Allowed players to escape from Legacy Mode during Burthorpe tutorial.
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    A patch week, again? That's not-

    "The option to destroy an entire skilling set after destroying a single piece has been added to: The Artisan's outfit, The Blacksmith's outfit, The Botanist's outfit, The Sous chef's outfit and the Constructor's outfit."

    Never mind, good work, keep it up.

    04-Nov-2019 11:07:27



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    Please FIX the "Too many login attempts from your address. Please wait 5 minutes before trying again."


    i tried VPN and it will allow me to login
    im just afraid i get BANNED for using it so just pls fix the thing.

    04-Nov-2019 11:13:43

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    Some older content I did recently could use a patch.
    Court Cases have their clickable areas in the wrong spots, which makes it feel very buggy.
    I thought I'd mention it here.

    04-Nov-2019 11:22:05

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