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  • The Surge and Escape abilities will now correctly show as locked if the required level is not met.

  • Familiars cannot attack non-combat NPCs.

  • Fixed some dead clicks when attempting to move as your character starts an ability animation.

  • Queuing an ability will no longer be used a cycle earlier when used after the Snipe ability.

  • Solak's ranged attack projectiles are now correctly sent to each player.á

  • The hitsplat that's used to represent a splash hit, is now shown on the correct player in Solak group fights.

  • Camel Warrior Mirages and Glacytes will now have the correct slayer helm buffs applied when the summoners are the player's slayer target (though as before the summons will not give slayer xp or reduce slayer count).

  • An issue has been resolved where Bladed Dive was stopping other game-world interactions on the same action bar from showing minimenu options.

  • Friends chat owners can now enable the option for lootshare to be enabled for players they do not have added to their friends list.

  • Disconnecting during troll invasion whilst fighting will now allow you to resume on the wave you left off at.

  • Players are now provided with some Elemental runes when fighting the Dagannoth Mother (2) in the Dominion Tower.

  • Players can now open the world map while in combat stance before or after engaging in combat.

  • Offhand weapons now work correctly when using a mainhand ranged weapon in PvP.

  • Analyse and Disassemble will no longer put the player into a combat stance and skull them when used on another player.

  • Optimised some of the aggro scripts used in elite dungeons. (HOTFIX)

  • Players can now reliably queue abilities while they are currently channeling an ability such as Concentrated Blast

  • M&S

  • Prospecting a Prifddinas gem rock now correctly shows a level requirement of 75 instead of 20.

  • A dwarf who appears in Boric's cave after completing Doric's gnome task has changed his medication, and no longer flails madly at the empty space where an anvil used to be.

  • Renamed "Armour spike" to "Armour spikes".

  • Centered the inventory icon for adamant armoured boots.

  • Certain inventory models for some of the new Mining & Smithing armours have been tweaked slightly

  • Smelting gauntlets no longer work in f2p.

  • Players may now augment their trimmed and custom-fit masterwork armour at any charge percentage. This can be done at any invention workbench.

  • Make-x when creating Junk Refiners has been fixed

  • All players upon login will now have the tong slot on their toolbelt automatically unlocked as it is no longer available from the Artisans Workshop

  • The default 5% extra XP for creating Burial sets now correctly applies when smithing said sets. This 5% stacks with the Solem Smith unlocks from the Artisans Workshop reward shop

  • The "You apply a rivet." message now obeys the chat spam filter.

  • Divine Bronze Rocks will now correctly require 10 tin and 10 copper ore to create

  • Added a feedback message when attempting to teleport via the lodestone network while busy mining.

  • Max has heard about the Mining & Smithing rework. He is now using the updated hammer and no longer flails madly at the space where an anvil used to be.

  • Sea salt and Alaea sea salt are no longer sent to the bank by sign of the porter and sign of the porter effects when mined.

  • Ysondria now accepts the correct result to her challenge clue scroll when asking about mining rocks in the nearby mine.

  • Gem mining rocks at Shilo Village have been thinned out (notably to make room for the occasional shooting star rock).

  • Corrected text on the Fremennik Isles quest complete screen which referred to it unlocking a runite vein.

  • When mining with porters, if the mined resource can be stored in the metal bank, it'll be deposited into your metal bank instead of your bank.

  • Since the metal bank and ore box storage is not available in New Varrock, Zemouregal has forbidden the smithing and usage of ore boxes in his domain.

  • The "Marm's Armoury" medium Dungeoneering achievement now refers to the autoheater instead of the coal bag.

  • Murderous Orokami no longer drop adamant items.

  • Signs of the Porter and similar effects will no longer send stardust to the bank when mining crashed stars

  • Fixed an issue where ores could only be added one at a time to the blast furnace.

  • Players can no longer mine rocks through the crafting guild walls.

  • You can now super heat iron ores again.

  • There is now a warning on Ore Boxes when attempting to alch or disassemble them

  • Corrected the type of gizmos augmented bane shields accept from weapon to armour. Previously perked shields have had their gizmos removed and placed in the bank.

  • Fixed an issue where ores could only be added one at a time to the blast furnace.

  • Items

  • Increased the Grand Exchange buy limit of ascension keystones and keys to the crossing from 100 to 300.

  • The Elite Hunter outfit can now teleport to Crystal Skillchompas, if the player has the quest requisite.

  • Congealed blood can now be used to overcharge Drakan's Medallion, from the previous cap of 10, up to a maximum of 25000 charges.

  • A worn games necklace now has right-click options for specific teleports.

  • Added more commonly recognised names of destinations to the pharaoh's sceptre and sceptre of the gods' teleport options.

  • Portables that save resources will now put them back into the inventory if there is space, otherwise they will put them in the bank as they currently do.

  • The Grace of the Elves has a new op whilst worn - "Toggle porter" which allows players to disable or enable the porter functionality.

  • Modified Botanist's Mask will now give correct amount of vials.

  • Players with the physical items of Sunfury and Lunarfury outfit have had them removed and unlocked in the wardrobe.

  • No longer able to duplicate the ring of kinship via leaving a dungeon with a full inventory of skill capes.

  • Teleport options for the traveller's necklace now correctly function from the worn inventory.

  • Loot Tables

  • Rune 2h crossbows have been replaced on all droptables by tiny spiked rune salvage.

  • Queen Black Dragon:á

  • Instead of Runite Stone Spirits QBD will now drop either Orichalcite Stone Spirits or Drakolith Stone Spirits.á

  • Instead of Adamant and Coal Stone Spirits QBD will now drop Luminite and Runite Stone Spirits.á

  • God Wars Dungeon 2:á

  • Instead of Runite Stone Spirits the bosses will now drop either Necrite Stone Spirits or Phasmatite Stone Spirits.á

  • Instead of Coal Stone Spirits the bosses will now drop Luminite Stone Spirits.á

  • Solak:á

  • Instead of Runite Stone Spirit Solak will now drop either light Animica Stone Spirits or Banite Stone Spirits.á

  • Nex (normal)á

  • Instead of Coal Stone Spirits Nex will now drop Luminite Stone Spirits.

  • Achievements

  • Caving into the Gains achievement will now give a pop-up when completed.

  • Clarified in the description of the 1001 Kharidian Spikes achievement that should be completed with the cactus patch in Al Kharid.

  • The 'Phite for your right V' achievement completion can no longer be triggered multiple times.

  • Graphical

  • The Chariot Teleport's wings have been retrieved from Valhalla and are no longer in a ghostly form

  • Your current world will now be more visibly highlighted in the world select interface.

  • Removed the furnace icon on the furnace in the Tyras camp, as it does not function as a furnace.

  • Some brown oddities have been removed from behind the walls of the barrows dungeon.

  • Some missing grass has been re-added to some of Prifddinas' districts, and some leftover Christmas items removed from the Max Guild garden

  • Mobile

  • Players can now reliably queue abilities while they are currently channeling an ability such as Concentrated Blast.

  • Fixed some PC terminology on mobile in relation to the toolbelt interface.

  • Resolved an issue where switching between client types would not remember your combat setting (legacy / modern).

  • In an effort to avoid reducing the size of the backpack and other side panel interfaces the action bars now no longer take priority over them.

  • A toggle button has been added to swap the left and right actionbar.

  • Other

  • Fixed an issue where you could not complete Violet is Blue quest under certain conditions.

  • Messaging with an incorrect end-date for Vic The Trader has been corrected.

  • Fixed an issue where the conclusion cutscene of Dimension of Disaster could be ended prematurely by a forced event.á

  • The "Complete" quick-option on Gypsy Aris has been renamed to "Skip" to make it clearer that you are bypassing all remaining steps and forcing the current replay into a completed state (for those that choose to not read the prompts warning that you will skip the quest and not get any rewards).

  • The Wicked hood can no longer be used in minigames.

  • Certain messages in Treasure Hunter have been adjusted to an info box

  • Combining spirit gem charge no longer asks how many you'd like to combine if 1 is the only possible option.

  • Pick-lock is now the left click option on the Varrock Palace Treasury door.

  • It is no longer possible attempt to quick world hop to worlds you do not meet the requirements to enter.

  • Players can now quickchat their Abomination kill count.

  • Using the Taverley lodestone from the action bar in Dungeoneering will no longer cause a crash, and all lodestones will now inform you that it cannot be cast within Daemonheim.

  • Clan Overseers can now set/modify a Clan Login message.

  • Fixed force walk tile next to common gem rock in Al Kharid.
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    Thanks for toggleable grace :)

    Some decent stuff otherwise as well.

    "Players with the physical items of Sunfury and Lunarfury outfit have had them removed and unlocked in the wardrobe."

    Those existed as items? Afaik only starfury existed in item form.
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    thanks for the patches, real shame about the barn update being postponed a week, was really looking forward to some extra bank space.

    EDIT: on the other hand barn is a nice update to receive on my birthday. soooooo guess its good then. :D
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    so nex still drops runite spirits? that are worthless? and coal is replaced with luminite, which are also probably...WORTHLESS. Just remove spirits as drops Jesus christ.

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