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I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I have been having a strange problem that I noticed around the same time that the modified headgear started giving fewer products.

The past several times that I have entered the fishing guild I have ended up with a wilderness skull over me. I rarely enter the wilderness, so I cannot figure out why it is doing this. If I look at the item lost setting, I would lose everything that I have, just as I would expect to happen from the wilderness.

I realized that it was my fishing rod-o-matic that has a committed gizmo on it

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Clue scroll puzzle boxes are so annoying now. They lag behind or revert some of your changes whenever trying to complete them. Its irritating to say the least.

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"Elite farmer hats can now be used to teleport or receive items if the player owns the master farmer hat."

what is an elite farmer hat? I know the master farmer ones, but nothing called elite

08-Feb-2019 18:38:20

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Original message details are unavailable.
Smelting gauntlets count as Blacksmith's gloves when wearing the Blacksmith's outfit.

This seems to be false.
It does work the other way around - the blacksmith gloves work as smelting gauntlets.
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Rikornak said:
Sci said:
You ruined the icy hunter area bane rocks. the only reason they were worth the 2 hour walk was that they required no movement to claim rockertunities.

That one should never've been the best one in the first place to be honest. It is the sole one without any requirements (well except the wilderness one - but well wilderness...) to be used - and since they made both the glacyte and the jatizo (which honestly should be the place to go in the end) better players haven't even lost something. Well - except those who neither did RotM nor the elite fremennik tasks, but I don't see why those should be rewarded?

I know, Im pissed

They just made it so much worse, I had a good thread going on this topic and everything
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Alexarius said:
Thanks for the patches. :D

Ky-Hillbilly said:

Yes the best part is the interface staying open (and its not listed lol)

One of the best hidden fixes for sure )

Meanwhile somewhere underneath the surface of Gielinor...

I wish that was the way it worked the inventory thing. It should .

as in loot inventory should mean we pick up 1 of each thing we want then after that the space bar would gather the items in our inventory then close leaving the rest/junk on the floor.I can wish.

If it can do this now someone help me with setting it up.....thanks

25-Feb-2019 02:20:15

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