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It's Monday again folks, and you know what that means! It's Patch Notes time!

But before we get into all that, how have you been finding Archaeology? What discoveries have you made? Be sure to let us know how deep you've been digging in our official communities on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord or over on our Forums!

Speaking of Archaeology, this week sees a number of improvements and fixes geared specifically towards this grubby new skill, alongside the various other changes we uncovered along the way.

Let's dig in!

Archaeology - Improvements and Fixes

It's amazing the things you find when your get your hands dirty at a dig site. A Mortal Cup here, a Hand of Glory there, a dusty changelog of tweaks to a new skill....

  • Inspecting a damaged or restored artefact and filling or inspecting a soil box will no longer interrupt your current action, allowing you to continue excavating uninterrupted.

  • Players may now use either a Harlequin cow, or one each of a Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate cow during the relevant Archaeology mystery.

  • A tick has been added to Artefact information to show if you have previously completed any associated collections.

  • The chance of receiving an artefact from research has been increased.

  • Dr Nabanik's 'Third-age Expert' researcher perk has been modified to guarantee an artefact after researching 2 hours or more, down from 8 hours or more.

  • We have adjusted the text associated with the consumable items found in the Archaeology Guild shop so that both their Item and Buff Bar descriptions are consistent.

  • The Dwarven Instinct aura will now spawn magical chests after you've earned XP in Archaeology.

  • An Armadylean yellow material cache at Stormguard Citadel has been moved slightly to make it more accessible.

  • Corrected a typo where the collector Isaura was mispronouncing her own name. We've all been there, Isaura.

  • Different styles of REDACTED can now be used for the Capricorn portion of the Contract Claws mystery.

  • The Slayer and Boss Collection logs will now open correctly when accessed via the Slayer counter.

  • Let's dig a little deeper, and explore the fixes we discovered over the last week…

  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue where Player Owned Ports voyages were being set to a negative duration while claiming research rewards.

  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue where the Player Owned Farm trapper farmhand was not returning.

  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue that allowed players to gain a pulse core level boost in Archaeology from the Desert Pantheon aura. This has now been locked behind the skill amnesty period.

  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue that allowed the waterfiend familiar to be summoned for a longer duration than intended.

  • Hotfix: Summoning pets will no longer run away if they are following you when you log out.

  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue that prevented some players from completing the Contact Claws mystery if they had already completed the Dagon Bye mystery. Players will now be better informed about their Contract Claws mystery progress when speaking to Movario.

  • Hotfix: Complete tomes can no longer be stored in the Bank.

  • Hotfix: Running out of skillchompas as you reach max focus when excavating will no longer crash the player.

  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue where additional Twitch loot crates were unintentionally awarded.

  • Hotfix: It is once again possible to obtain the Booboo doll needed to complete The Lost Toys miniquest.

  • Hotfix: A bookshelf on the Archaeology Guild Campus that was used to start the Elemental Workshop II quest had been lost during renovations. This has been replaced, so it is now possible to start the quest.

  • Hotfix: Chests in the Infernal Source cellar can no longer be looted with a full inventory.

  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue where players couldn't fletch Bakriminal bolts if they already had some in their inventory.

  • Hotfix: Using the Font of Life from your inventory will now correctly progress the Archaeology tutorial.

  • Fixed a texture Z-fighting issue on Stormguard Citadel.

  • Fixed an issue with some missing geometry in Stormguard Citadel.

  • Fixed an issue where some research was not being unlocked.

  • Zodi-Yak Track

    Looking for your weekly horoscope? Well we can't guarantee you'll find love this week, but we can guarantee some pretty neat improvements for the ongoing Zodi-Yak Track event!

  • Stopped the Twilight Pegasus pet from turning invisible in the Wardrobe view.

  • Adjusted the Stargazer Goggles to fit female character models better.

  • Adjusted the Yak Track image on the Upgrades & Extras interface.

  • The Equuis cape has been reforged with the gold metal shown on the reward image.

  • Object Highlighting, Depth of Field & Canopy Transparency

    We touched on this in this week's newspost, but here's the nitty gritty details of some all-new visual options that are live now!

  • Four new options have been added to the Graphics Settings:

  • Depth of Field - Smooths the world view for scenery in the distance.

  • Smooth Camera Fade - This is an existing feature where the camera clips into scenery it smooths the edges. This is a new option will disable it - especially useful for content creators!

  • Tree Canopy Fade - Makes tree canopies and certain other surfaces transparent if they would otherwise obscure your character.

  • Entity Highlighting - Adds colour coded highlights and a pulse upon interaction with NPCs, objects and locations within the game world.

  • To support the new Object Highlighting feature the mobile Activity Tracker has a new "Highlight" button. This button serves as a toggle to highlight objects in close proximity to your character.

  • Other

  • Arcane Blood Mage Hood polycolours are now shown on the male character head when textures are turned off.

  • The Ninjas have had another word with Egil and Ceremonial Sword plans will no longer retain the progress of previous plans. The first plan you receive after this update may still have some leftovers on it, but every other one will be brand-new.

  • If a player has an unclaimed prize on Treasure Hunter and the promo changes, they will now be able to claim their original prize instead of being given a new one.

  • Fixed various issues with the tutorial prompts on mobile during the Invention tutorial.

  • Modernised the fur shop interface on mobile and re-added the spotted cape to the store.

  • Bugfixes

    A lot of this week's bugfixes were geared towards Archaeology which we wrote out above, but here's a couple more that we snook in for good measure!

  • Fixed an issue which resulted in text getting cut off in the Skill Selection screen when redeeming lamps and stars.

  • Fixed an issue that was affecting Treasure Hunter prizes when a players game window was the same length as the Treasure Hunter interface.

  • That's enough digging around the changelog for now - some of us have research to do!

    Until next time!

    The RuneScape Team

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    Needs more Ben & Jerrys

    06-Apr-2020 13:54:17



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    Happy to see Harlequin change. Unhappy to see it still requiring cow breeding and not relate it to the jester outfit or alike. ;(

    -Hope they'll improve the trails system after Yak session though. 140+ penguin agility laps or 2500+ Lvl 50+ summoning crafts are just ridiculous at this point...

    06-Apr-2020 14:05:31

    Jan Member 2006


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    That mouse over entity highlighting update is pretty cool, didn't really understand what was happening at first. At least you can toggle it too in case you decide you want to turn it off

    Closed Eyes
    I §ee

    06-Apr-2020 14:07:23 - Last edited on 06-Apr-2020 14:11:46 by Cyanid

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    Ok. the Harlequin cow was replaced with one of each flavour...Based on RNG factors yet...Amulet of the Forsaken another very rare item for a mystery was not ?

    Was the previous request the wrong media to post in, not Reddit, not a "famous streamer" or Jagex simply not paying attention to their official forums or familiar enough with their own new content to see the parallels?

    Disappointed but not surprised

    My Harelquin is already fully digested, but thanks for that change on behalf of future diggers :)

    06-Apr-2020 14:28:34 - Last edited on 06-Apr-2020 14:57:38 by Marcusorion2

    Roddy Piper
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    Roddy Piper

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    The fixes for the skill with too many vowels are all nice.

    Highlighting is definitely useful. Not sure about the other graphics options yet. For some reason 'depth of field' and 'flickering effects' are locked on.

    06-Apr-2020 16:00:52



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    Thank you for all of the listed patches and fixes.

    I do find one thing that has not been addressed. On task 13 B for free to play yak track the run from Lumbridge's Duke Horacio to King Roald at Varrock castle does not reset if unsuccessful.
    There are a number of short threads from late March that have raised this bug and I have not seen any comment or acknowledgement by Jagex that they are aware of this problem. I do realize that the alternate task is simply finding a shooting star to mine but it would be nice if both tasks were checked beforehand as to be complete-able.

    06-Apr-2020 17:16:39 - Last edited on 06-Apr-2020 19:52:54 by Nilhoff



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    Regarding: "The Equuis cape has been reforged with the gold metal shown on the reward image."

    I was using the Equuis cape with the Umbral Wings before the recolor to gold - the previous color of the cape matched the wings so perfectly that they practically looked like they belonged together.

    In addition... Purple and silver is kind of a classic combination, purple and gold might be harder to work with in terms of matching with other stuff? I'm just sad that the outfit I've been using for the past several days has now been "patched" out.

    06-Apr-2020 18:01:42

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