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A shorter load of patches this week, simply due to the time our release team has taken on Elite Dungeons 3 to make sure the update has been fully covered!

  • Updated the redirect link when following the Lost Items link in the bug report system.

  • The Membership sign-up offer will now only appear for players who have less than 14 days of membership remaining

  • Botanist's mask add-on has been re-added to the Flash Powder Factory Rewards interface.

  • The Premier club chests have been removed from the Grand Exchange, if you still haven't claimed the rewards from 2018 you can speak to the Vault Guardian to claim them.

  • You can now convert clue scrolls via the downgrade option beyond the soft cap of 25 per tier (hotfixed last week).

  • Fixed the Carnillean rising treasure chest setup interface.

  • Added a warning message about misusing the bug reporting system before entering a bug.

  • Corrected an issue where the reworked Demon Slayer quest couldn't be started if an old version of the quest had been completed.

  • Corrected a case where the Coin of the Realm quest was not flagged as a replayable quest, and therefore its one-time rewards were given on replays.

  • Beneath Cursed Tides, Let Them Eat Pie and Perils of Ice Mountain are once again correctly classified as F2P in the quest list.

  • The Eagles' Peak quest's starting area has been corrected from Ardougne to Ardougne Zoo.

  • Recipe for Disaster's combat description has been updated to briefly describe the combat in its sub-quests.

  • Sliske's Endgame's combat description has been updated to refer to NPC combat level.

  • The headings in the Combat Difficulty quest sort have been changed from "Combat level" to "NPC combat level" to clarify that the quests are sorted by NPC combat level, rather than player combat level.

  • The festive snow in the developer's console has been disabled.

  • Fixed a potential crash in busy areas.

  • Fixed the camera rotating when using teleport crystals.

  • Fixed a bug with world map backgrounds not appearing as the correct colour.

  • We've now improved information when updating the servers to those in the lobby.

  • We've optimised animations in the client

  • Fixed a bug with the camera in Conquest and Elemental Workshop 3.

  • Fixed a crash happening when recycling resources.

  • Fixed an issue where items on the floor could sometimes not be interacted with.

  • Fixed a crash in Elite Dungeons when using the Java client.

  • Server restarts should now be handled more gracefully on mobile devices.

  • Fixed a bug causing NPCs to be invisible on low end mobile devices.

  • Fixed a bug when swapping from WiFi to celluar data kicking users to the login screen.

  • Known Issues:
  • Resizing the game window in-game may cause client errors. Please resize your game window in the login screen to avoid this issue.
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    ModáShauny said:
    Known Issues:
    your client might crash if you resize your client

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    Note: We originally promised an update to Chargebows for this update. However, some last minute issues have arose so we've had to pull it from this update. We'll be trying our hardest to get it to you as soon as possible!

    they never get an update done at first release kinda getting bored of this buggy and messy updates thy promise one thing you getting other thing broken game all the time stop doing every monday update.Do 1 update per month we dont need this crap in game
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