Patch Notes 25/02

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Ralin Storm
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Ralin Storm

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No POF araxyte log patch? Not even an acknowledgement that it's a known bug? People have been unable to unlock the new POF titles because of the POF update bug. Why has this not been addressed?

26-Feb-2019 09:44:14

Never Fair
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Never Fair

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Thnx alot but, at cursed divination spot at wildy cannot protect the div-vacum altho every1 gose there just for div vacum so now the cursed energy is useless..
We want solution for this problem at any cost!!!

26-Feb-2019 14:17:36

Lord Drakan
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Lord Drakan

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Recursion93 said:
When using the Java client the skybox still rotates rapidly at the Runespan and clan citadel. Which is causing dizziness for me. This has been broken for 5 weeks in a row now. When can you finally be bothered to fix this issue?

Not that it surprises me at all, since you never listen to anything your players have to say and just do as you please, releasing broken updates every single week. Whenever you update the game, I'm always wondering what seemingly unrelated part of game you'll break this time..

Yeah there's many, many graphical effects (look at any fountain or particle animation on equipment) that have been affected by this, and it's incredibly annoying. :(
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26-Feb-2019 17:30:09

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I was doing the quest Mourning's End Part II and was almost to the end of it I came on and I cannot complete it as the lights are gone and I can't place the newly made crystal at the death alter as it will not let me in. Please see my quest log it will show you my progress. I sent a bug report and tweeted on twitter with pictures on Feb 18, 2019. I am so anxious to be able to go to Prifddinas and be with friends.

26-Feb-2019 19:54:52

Nibbles Z
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Nibbles Z

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My chinchompas are struggling to keep their eyes in their head :O

EDIT: OK, this was initially a bit of a joke post but it seems more serious so I've reported a bug..

27-Feb-2019 11:41:45 - Last edited on 27-Feb-2019 11:48:05 by Nibbles Z

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