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My main issue with mobile is the difficulty of right-clicking. If my finger/stylus is not perfectly still when holding down, it registers a left click instead.

Related to this, it's difficult to open the xp-remaining box when hovering over a skill. I think this should be the left-click action instead of opening the skill guide.

09-Nov-2019 02:16:39

Sir Kainoth
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Sir Kainoth

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The bank size needs to be the same as the PC game.
All my stuff is out of place in the bank.
If I rearrange it then the PC version is messed up.
You got it right on OSRS the bank is the same size there. In fact almost everything is the same as the PC game on osrs. I realize that RS3 has much more, but it would translate a lot easier if you didn't put everything in a different place. You need a tutorial to help find everything since it is so different.
So far It is only useful for dailies and some skilling on the go. I wouldn't be doing quest or bossing on it.

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My background: Played RuneScape off and on for years, I've been inactive for the last few years but have been watching for the Mobile update. I really don't have the desire to sit down at a computer and game anymore so this update was very exciting for me. Since the day of release I have been hooked back into the world of RuneScape once again. I will most likely be a mobile only player from now on and am here to give some feedback on some issues I am having so far.

The first and biggest thing for me are the bank presets. I have fairly large fingers and playing on a Galaxy S10 I find the small Bank presets frustrating. It would be nice to have the option to customize the bank presets. I often only use one preset at any given time, it would be nice to be able to choose to display only one large icon for your bank presets. Those players who like to have many Bank presets can choose to display those, and people who only want one or two could just display only one or two.

My second concern so far is the mechanic for looking at an item or something in the world of RuneScape. the equivalent of hovering your mouse over something on the PC. I'm required to hold my finger on an object and then the information should pop up. It's very rare that I can succeed with this on the first try. I don't know if I just do not get my fingers on the correct pixel or what, but it's very frustrating to have to try multiple times to examine something especially when I'm trying to see the experience left on my skills and I have to hold my finger over the right skill. I often open the skill menu instead of seeing how much experience is left. It's very frustrating. Maybe my large fingers have something to do with it, or maybe it could be improved some way I don't know.

Other than that, I am very grateful that you guys brought it onto the mobile platform. It's the only reason I'm playing again, and is it is the only reason I will continue to play. I will continue to give you my feedback.

21-Nov-2019 03:09:47

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When slaying desert stykewyrms on mobile rs, when i click on a mound, I get moved as if Surge was automatically triggered and the target is hard to find. The "tap to find target" doesn't work for me.
Playing on LG phone LML414DL with android 8.1.0, software version L414DL1ot

01-Dec-2019 14:47:03

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Mobile is still down. Any idea on when it will be back? Currently only way to get on and I'm losing days on members due to this.

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