How Well Does YOUR Phone Run?

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Hey all, I had an idea and wanted to post it here as it can be useful for people who are either buying a new phone, or don't have beta access yet.

Basically.....say what kind of phone you have, and talk about how well the phone is able to run the RS3 Mobile App. In other words, give a brief performance review of your phone :D

Here's a template if you want to use one (although it's certainly not required :P )
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[b]Brand + Phone name:[/b]
[b]Operating System version:[/b]
[b]Phone specs (optional):[/b]
[b]Overall run quality:[/b]
[b]Battery life:[/b]
[b]Age of phone (optional):[/b]
[b*Other (optional):[/b]

Here's an example of my own phone:

Brand + Phone name: Huawei Honor 7x
Operating System version: Android
Phone specs (optional): 3 GB RAM, 2.36GHz Octa-Core processor, 3340 mAh battery
Overall run quality: Great
Battery life: Okay/Good
Age of phone (optional): Bought new October 2018
Other (optional): Excessive heat when running mobile app for extended periods of time. Recommend taking phone out of its hardcase if you use one while it's running. Recommend keeping phone plugged in to avoid power drain.

I'm excited to hear how well your phones perform :D
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29-Jun-2019 15:27:22

Heretic Wisp
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Heretic Wisp

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Brand + Phone name: Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4
Operating System version: 8.1.0
Phone specs (optional): 2 GB RAM, 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor, 2800 mAh battery
Overall run quality: Good
Battery life: Okay
Age of phone (optional): Bought new July 2017
Other (optional): Mostly using it when moving around country in public transport on mobile data, for about 2-4 hours of continuous play each time, no excessive heating, not to much lag, pretty smooth sailing.

02-Jul-2019 15:07:05

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Razer Phone 2: 8gb RAM, 1440p @120hz refresh rate, 2.8GHz octa-core Qual***m Snapdragon 845 processor and 4,000mAh battery.

I feel at a disadvantage without the mobile app.

23-Jul-2019 02:11:41

Ryu Zwei
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Ryu Zwei

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Brand + Phone name: Samsung Galaxy S10+
Operating System version: Android 9
Phone specs (optional):
Overall run quality: Great, 55-60 fps
Battery life: Several hours
Age of phone (optional): < 6 months
Other (optional): I generally play with textures off for a retro feel. Also, the fps-limiting feature drastically improves battery life.

23-Jul-2019 02:56:34

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Brand + Phone name: Moto G7 Power
Operating System version: Android 9
Phone specs (optional): 6.20-inch display, 1.8GHz octa-core Qual***m Snapdragon 632 processor. It comes with 3GB of RAM, 5000mA hour battery
Overall run quality: meh, graphics great, slow responsiveness in icons and movement (can't seem to adjust graphics)
Battery life: great, not sure if due to huge battery or a mix of efficient game
Age of phone (optional): 4 months
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04-Sep-2019 14:52:52

Hex 0mega
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Hex 0mega

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Operating System: Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown (its only a $100 model)

Operating System: Android

Overall Run Quality: It was running pretty well until this damn UI update. Other than not being able to access some stuff due to crashing issues, the gameplay itself is okay. A little laggy, but thats to be expected on a cheaper model. Surpisingly it actually renders the textures and everything so it looks about like it does on PC.

Battery Life: Decent, but not great.

Age of Phone: about 3 months
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11-Sep-2019 21:54:11

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I've played on a Samsung s6 tablet, s4 tablet, a50, Razer phone 2, and a Sony Xperia 2. The a50 and Xperia were unplayable even on the lowest settings for me.

The Razer phone 2 is capable of maintaining almost a minimum frame rate of 60 on the lowest settings, and texutres the only thing on. It can maintain around 40 ish with shadows high, water high and every thing on but ocfulus aclison or what ever it's called the hbbo or saao thjng. It dips way below 30 fps with Max settings, it is a 845.

The s4 is a 835 and gets like 15 fps on Max, and skips.

The s6 with the 855 got a pretty stable 30 to 40 on Max, but it can't do 60 fps Max settings.

The a50 is just unplayable even on lowest settings it gets skips all over, and can't maintain any stable frame rates. I have no idea what it had I think it's a 620 snap dragon or something. At 300 it's a worthless phone and way to expensive, when the s4 tablet can be bought for 265 at Best buy.

The Sony Xperia x is even worse.

Gonna have to wait till the next phone snap dragon to be able to play this on Max settings 60 fps.

It def doesn't have the performance of old school rune scape which runs at 80 to 120 fps on a Razer phone 2. I can't go to those graphics though compared to rubescape mobile, even the lowest looks better than the highest old school rune scape, and the 120 hz and fps don't make up for the bad graphic to me.

I'd say for me the minimum CPU for this game is snap dragon 835, that gets skips even at lowest settings some times, but is playable. Regardless of the CPU speed, it's gonna come down to it overheating. The tablets s4 and s6 seem to handle the heat fine, and the razor does because it has a cooler. I can't see any phones, but the Razer 2 and Asus rouge phones being able to handle Max graphics with it being plugged in, and being able to play for hours.

09-Nov-2019 14:59:04

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Brand + Phone name: OnePlus 6t
Operating System version: v9
Phone specs (optional): 6 GB RAM, Qual***m SDM845 Snapdragon 845 Octa-core (4x2.8 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4x1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver)
Overall run quality: Good
Battery life: Okay (Li-Po 3700 mAh battery)
Age of phone (optional): A year or so
Other (optional): I've started and almost solely been playing on mobile. Runs really well apart from in busy spots in towns etc. Totally playable.

14-Nov-2019 12:54:11

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