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Yeah people with a pc that can't run a game go I gotta upgrade and go buy another pc. Phones compared to PCs are no where near as expensive. Going from a 6700k to a 9700k, and a 1080ti to a 2080ti costs over 2 grand. Going from a tab a to a tab s4 is 263 dollars. Even if you go big daddy and get a samsung tab s6 we are only talking 500. It really has to do with,more than likly security problems.

02-Nov-2019 14:27:37

NoIsE bOmB
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NoIsE bOmB

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Samsung Galaxy s6 owner here. I had been using the runescape mobile beta from day 1 without any issues at all, the game ran perfectly on my phone, now I go to play it to check out these "rewards" you mentioned on the website post and for whatever reason, my device is no longer compatible, even though that same post clearly states that Android 6.0 and higher is supported. Perhaps if you are unwilling to allow people who clearly have Android 6.0 and higher to play the game, you should clearly state what the REAL requirements are. This to me is just another typical Jagex blunder in a never ending line of Jagex blunders I've seen things that you people wouldn't believe

04-Nov-2019 01:19:04



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I can't play runescape mobile on ***omi Redmi note 7 with android 9, but on older phone Xiaomi redmi note 4 with android 7 it works. How is that possible?

13-Nov-2019 22:32:22 - Last edited on 13-Nov-2019 22:32:42 by dandiey

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So what android operating system version is best/compatible with runescape Mobil? I just bought a tablet with 9.0 specifically to play runescape mobile and I'm unable to download, incompatible.

24-Nov-2019 22:28:38

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