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Just a thought, it seems to crash when you go into a UI and it has to load a new graphic.

Something different drops
A new item is crafted
Use a pot and the graphic changes

I just updated the app, I think I was a few days late

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Alex Undeath
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Alex Undeath

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So far the only issue I still have is the bank crashing. If I'm in a tab that only has a few items then it wont crash.

Other than the bank issue, I absolutely LOVE mobile. Ya'll are doing a great job, I'm impressed. :)

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Was working fine but now everytime I go to open my bank, the app crashes... I just signed up for membership today, I'll be sad if I can't even get into my bank now. I also have the same problems viewing a clue. Just crashes.

04-Dec-2019 03:17:12

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