Amazon Fire Compatibility?

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Kasai Inu
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Kasai Inu

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Not sure if I'm even in the right forum or how many others may have asked, so apologies if I'm just repeating others. My wife and I are getting ready to buy ourselves some new tablets and one of the main things I want to do with mine is to play mobile RS. I'm needing to know if anyone has any experience or information on performance, compatibility, etc, on a Fire Tablet 8 HD, specifically this fella here...******/product/B0794RHPZD?pf_rd_p=183f5289-9dc0-416f-942e-e8f213ef368b&pf_rd_r=RCF0GWVNBJVXR8YK0AJ3

It isn't the only reason for us wanting them but it's a big part of it, so I want to know how well I can expect it to work with the mobile game. I also worry that it might suddenly go incompatible with a new version that will eventually pop out (this has happened to me with my phone, was working great and then they updated and oops, no longer compatible with my device and wouldn't let me just run the previous version...ugh). So yeah, that's my question. Just want to get some info before I go to this expense.


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Mrs Shazbat
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Mrs Shazbat

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Ive posted a long list of non-compatible devices elsewhere on this forum. The Amazon Fire isnt on it.

BUT... It doesnt mean it will work. That list is just ARMv7 devices that are not supported by Jagex at the moment. If the Fire works then good, if not, it would be a different issue.

Im interested myself whether it works.

Id say if you want to buy a Fire, dont just get it because of RS. Then if RS runs its a bonus.
I think compatibility will get better over time anyhow.....
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04-Nov-2019 12:47:46

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Isn't the fire tablet a total different app store, and you can't get Google play with out rooting it? It's been awhile since I used one, but it use to be that way. I don't think you can get it anywhere but the Google play store.

05-Nov-2019 01:25:16

Kasai Inu
May Member 2009

Kasai Inu

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Thank you guys, for the input. We're debating now on whether to try it or not, pros and cons for even having said tablets if the game thing doesn't work, etc. Oh, and yeah you can get to that play store if you try, it just takes a little work. At least that worked last time I tried it for someone else on a different Fire tablet lol.

Thanks again.

09-Nov-2019 03:41:12

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I attempted to install the Google App Store to my Amazon Fire Tablet but, unfortunately it would not work even after following the instructions to do so. I have yet forgo attempting to do it cause unless we can get Runescape on the Amazon App Store (which would be awesome). I am stuck only playing on my computer
No Issue at all with just that way.
But, alot of players either don't own a Android Phone or Device that is compatible w/ Runescape.

I personally don't see a issue w/ working to get it coded to work w/ Amazon Devices in fact I feel it would bring in another group of players that own a Amazon Device cause I know I would play it even when I'm supposed to be sleeping if I have to work the next day and/or night!
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