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Note: All data is accurate as of 06:50 game time today (Friday, 23rd August)

Hey everyone,

Here I am again with more stats!

Bonus stat: The highest scoring session so far is still 26 Dinosaurs skinned in their 1 hour session, however today saw someone else get 26 also!

With clans now really starting to put in some attempts the scores are starting to take shape! Here's where we're at

1st: Efficiency Experts - 227
2nd: The Order of War - 224
3rd: The Outlander - 202
4th: Clan Quest - 191
5th: Zer0 PvM - 188
6th: ScapeAndChill - 182
7th: Maxed - 178
8th: Ceecs Clan - 168
9th: Iron Family - 157
10th: House of Skills & Clever - 132

As always, feedback, etc welcome!
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23-Aug-2019 11:37:45

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Scape & Chill \o/
Scape & Chill \o/
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23-Aug-2019 11:57:13

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Can we request our clan scores yet? Would like to see where we are at before it’s over
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