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I'm on the part of the Gower quest where I'm within the black hole and am supposed to use the key I recieved from the orange on the bumpy wall. The problem is that, when opened, my backpack's inventory extends over the area I need to use my key on preventing me from being able to "use" the key on the wall because it's behind my items. There is no option to rotate the camera in this room to remedy the situation, it's fixed in place. I've tried using the key on my hot bar but the only option it gives me is destroy when I activate it. I've tried activating the key and closing out the bag but it resets the key's status as soon as you click anything. I've also tried long pressing the wall but the option to use the key is not available. If there's something I'm just missing or if it's just broken I'd love to know, I've spent at least good hour trying to figure out a workaround. Thanks.

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