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Jan Member 2020


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Hey, so Iíve been playing mobile RuneScape for a good time now. Iím currently using a 2018 iPad to play it, it worked very good pretty much every time I played runescape in 2019 but I took a month or so break and when Iíve come back to play runescape again this week, the game freezes my tablet which is only fixed with me restarting my iPad by pressing the home/power button together. I can hear the game audio still playing, and one time it froze and I was actually able to go to my home screen and shut off the app. This has been very frustrating because the app freezes almost 5-7 times a day, and I donít have a computer to play on. :(

I thought maybe opening the world map froze it, so I stopped using it. Still happened. So I have no idea what could be causing it, maybe my internet has been messing it up enough that the game crashes my tablet? None of the other apps I use freeze my iPad.

26-Jan-2020 00:59:11

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