Help making mobile useable?

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Theres so many minor issues, like why does mobile **** up my action bars? Ill set up the first 5 keys for afk aoe combat on pc, but then its like the bar gets broken in half and then both halves get reversed or something because those abilities are now all over the place and dont get used at all when on revolution. Why are things like the currency pouch hidden away in menus? Why is there no way (that ive found) to toggle auto retalliate? Why is half the map unusable if you have a case that covers the edge of your phone to prevent the screen from getting hit?

I came back solely because i was hyped for this and being able to play away from home, but now i almost never use it because its far more hassle than its worth. Is there any way to make it not complete ****?

14-Feb-2020 14:46:17

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