Galaxy Tab 10.1 incompatible

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I bought a Galaxy Tab A 10.1 today (2019 edition), but I'm having a compatibility issue. I bought this tablet to play Runescape on when I don't have a laptop close. Unfortunately it doesn't work. I have the latest update and the required specs as listed in the RS Mobile FAQ, but when searching for RS mobile on Google Play It says it isn't compatible with my device. I hope this is fixable as I only bought this device in order to play Runescape.

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25-Nov-2019 17:36:37

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Same here!! Bought the tab A 2019 ( the same).. Should be able to play, but it says not compatible.. Bought it for only rs too.. Would be nice to see an answer to know if I return it or not

01-Dec-2019 18:29:04



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I got a Samsung tablet a 10.1 (2019) for Christmas and it cant play runescape but I searched on google and some of the older version can play it???
I would like an answer so that I could return the tablet if this isn't going to be resolved as a bug or that it won't ever run runescape


27-Dec-2019 04:02:49

Don Lenkas
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Don Lenkas

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Jamflex has been ignoring emails, twitter posts, reddit threads and discord questions about Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019.

They have never replied why this tablet is not compatible.

The app is compatible with my S8 which runs the same Android version.

18-Jan-2020 21:49:17

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