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Tenebri said:
my next post will hopefully be me wearing trim completionist

i was wrong nope i was still correct due to edit

silly it gave me message i can now wear comp again, when already wearing it :L

t3 town hall

as you can see by my avatar wearing comp (t) hood
i got trimmed completionist cape something i never thought id achieve.

so now i can fully concentrate on mqc. but i am only 4 requirements off....
200m all on 7/3/19
Buying Barry the destroyer 100m pm me
My Life after 200m xp in all Skills, Trim comp, MQC

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NonMax Jake

NonMax Jake

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Congratulations man! Gl on MQC Only rancid, vile creatures call others rancid, vile creatures!
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03-Aug-2019 07:10:58

Sal J

Sal J

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I had a red phat some years back, that I sold for a ton of bonds not long after bonds were introduced. I wonder how many bonds a red phat would net now.
Never drop a valuable item.

Ikki blaka niður virðismikil ting.

06-Aug-2019 04:39:32

CM Brandon

CM Brandon

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Hey Tenebri!

Sorry for the delay in handling this request! CM Nick is on vacation, and I just returned from my weekend! :) Congrats on Trim MQC!

Changed the title as requested.
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GRATS 10 200ms. Founder of Jamandy52 skilling clan. Love skilling. Love minigames.
Working on 200m Slayer atm. PM for effigies assists, and for tips when skilling. World 70.

07-Aug-2019 04:05:23

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