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Seaside Aura
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Seaside Aura

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Hey! I'm enjoying this adventure to search for the skilling pets. Going high and low, I have managed to capture a few of these sly critters. My mission is to catch as many skilling pets as possible. Being maxed, the hopes are real, no matter how embarrassed I get.

Here are the pets I have captured so far:
1. Flo
gained from crafting thousands of unstrung yew bows.
2. Gem
gained from randomly crafting crystal flasks, after a few thousand empty light orbs.
3. Herbert
gained from hundreds of super attack, super strength, and prayer renewal potions. also made several extreme ranging and overloads.
4. Bernie
gained from many thousands of maple and yew logs burned at bonfires and brazier.
5. Gordie
life in the dungeon is rough. But very fun!
6. Willow
many hours of draining ancestral energy, and some from incandescent
7. Rocky
felt like months, with tens of hours and thousands of (golden) salt mined
8. Crabbe
all these weeks of tedious slaying, to get him from an aquanite of all beasts
9. Smithy
many thousands of bars, mainly addy and mith, eventually from stocking up on Protective and Direct Comps

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Seaside Aura
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Seaside Aura

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10. Brains
Dozens of herb, tree, and fruit tree runs, also using crystal tree, which I found him on. Was considering the white flag earlier yesterday
11. Ramsay
10,000s of sharks and lobsters, thousands of rocktails and cavefish. The frustration ultimately ended on a citadel skill plot :)
12. Ace
Thousands of Ornate Tortle. 2 months can take a lot outta ya!
13 (15). Woody
Was hiding in an elder tree in Rimmington. So many hours on golden bamboo.
14 (17). Baby Yaga's House
Many thousands of teak objects made, including carved wardrobe. Needless to say, my frustration could be worse.
15 (19). Malcolm
I am broken. So many sessions of levelling up gear. Finally freed when I siphoned pernix chaps inside of Armadyl's encampment.
16 (22). Bubbles
Countless hours of fishing. The urchins were rough for her to swim by!
17 (23). Ralph
So much frustration with pickpocketing elves, switching to other targets, all of this to end at Hefin.
18 (26). Rue
So much panic over the months at soul altar, was actually surprised.
19 (27). Dojo Mojo
Hundreds of fruitless sessions at Seren Posts, and hours at gnome stronghold advanced, only to finally meet me at the new Dinosaur course, near the red triceratops.

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