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Hi Ty Shar,

We get to know areas of the game by certain names and associations, so no question like this is ever stupid. Personally, I call this the Zanaris Impling minigame which isn't the real name for it, but I guess many people like me don't call it Puro Puro.

Puro Puro is located in Zanaris in the wheat area not far from the Fairy Ring; and the impling that needs to be collected is part of the "Impetuous Impulses minigame", which can be accessed by talking with Elnock Inquisitor who is an impling located within the middle of that wheat crop.

Aside from the Zanaris Fairy Ring, Puro Puro, or in other words, the Impetuous Impulses Minigame, can also be accessed via a "crop circle" which appears randomly in the middle of wheat fields around Gielinor, such as for example the one in Yanille, or in Catherby, or other wheat crops around RuneScape.

Congratulations in advance for completing the medium Lumbridge tasks for when you do.
Best of luck,
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23-Mar-2019 16:38:04

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