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‘There was nothing you could have done,’ she said gently.
I looked at her and my heart softened.
I shook my head. ‘No… I failed the Great Lord. I should have been there… What use am I to him as a warrior, if…’
She softly stroked my cheek, wiping away the angry tears. Her touch made everything better.
‘The Lord may have fallen, but we, his faithful, still stand,’ she said. ‘We must be strong… Too much depends upon us.’
I nodded slowly and gazed into her eyes. She was an angel – So beautiful, yet so strong…
‘You must go now,' she said softly.
‘I don’t want to leave you,’ I said.
She tilted her head and surveyed me, a sweet, sad expression upon her face.
‘If there is anyone who can re-establish contact with the Lord, it is you, Azzanadra,’ she said.
It pained me to admit it, but I knew she was correct. I stepped away and moved towards the doorway, but as I did so, I looked back at her one final time.
I felt my heart splinter as I spoke. ‘Farewell, Nex… My love.’
"You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you[...]For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have?

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Fenrir Howls

Fenrir Howls

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While I'm having problems actually imagining either of these as kind lovers, stroking cheeks, and I don't see how it makes sense (then again, with the limited knowledge we have of lore, it doesn't not make sense either) for these two to be in love... it's an interesting story, and I could see it going somewhere.
I think you definitely have potential as a writer, Phantom. If possible, I would not mind seeing a continuation of this story.

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:O I suspected she was Nex at the word "angel" :P
Well done, Kitty, I like your voice. Not too much words, and used effectively. Amazing how such a small series of words can create so much in our minds if written well.
P.S. The story itself is very nice; even here I can't help but think of the lore implications :P
But imagine Nex and Azzanadra working together for Zaros today...and Sliske at this point.

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Acid Moon

Acid Moon

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Nex,an Angel with powers more destructive than any known man-made weapon. Her magic so powerfull as to curdle the very blood in your veins. She will cast her umbra upon your soul and in darkness you shall remain. How she escaped the countless armies! Hiding behind her smokey screen, unseen. Yet love managed to find her it seems. How Azzanadra the Champion of Zaros fell, banished by all but one. Perhaps Nex is a diamond too, binding his power of love.
Your story is inventive and it makes me wonder Kittyphantom. Please do continue this tale for my curiosity is simply killing me.
Love you dear friend :)

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