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Hi there. This is Xanthangum's sticky. He won this sticky by winning the first in-game story contest final. He can use this sticky for his stories and his poems. He can also use this sticky to review and recommend stories. This thread will be unstuck when the winner of the next contest is announced. Happy gaming. ^_^

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Ahh! Thanks for all the support everyone! I had alot of fun in this contest and can't wait for the next one. :)
Be sure to read my series, Order of the Dragon.:)
Book 1: "Order of the Dragon" 49-50-425-43897416
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Book 5: "Apocalypse" 49-50-948-58896730
Xan's Collection of Shorts: : 49-50-469-56201226
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*|* Xanthangum ~|~

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~|~ My Winning Entry ~|~
Raindrops clattered atop every rooftop in Varrock. The melodic and calming tune was interrupted only by the violent explosions of thunder accompanied by the forked ribbons of light in the sky. Not even the hardy warriors of Relleka would try to brave this storm.
A lone traveler found shelter beneath an abandoned market stall, his eyes fixed upon the king's window. He shook himself like a feral beast trying to get dry as he fiddled with his awkwardly long fingers.
"Not long now," He muttered, pulling his hood down over his narrow face, "Not long at all..."
Morning finally crept over Varrock and the weary traveler could hear the city guard looking for those sorry souls who had been caught in the storm. This would be his only chance to get inside the castle. His only chance to reach King Roald.
"Help me, I'm injured!" He lied, limping oto the nearest guard, who helped him to the castle's hospital wing.
"If you need anything else, just call for Nurse Poppy," The nurse said happily.
When she left, he slipped out of bed and crept through the castle's hallways. A guard began to question him outside Roald's chamber, but fell dead with a bloody hole in his throat. The guard who helped him watched from the shadows as the man entered the chamber.
"Who are you?" Roald asked biting his lip as the traveler pulled his hood off and his face was revealed. He was a werewolf.
"A friend. Do not be alarmed," The man whispered.
The king leapt away from the creature and shouted for help. Instantly, the guard ran in and skewered the monster through the back; an eerie howl filling the chamber.
"Who was he?" Roald asked frantically, "I am lucky you were here!"
"Lucky? No. He was trying to protect you," The soldier said as his eyes began to glow bright yellow. Roald gasped as the soldier's true form was revealed.
"My name is Vanstrom Klaus. Goodbye, King Roald."

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