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Azi Azi said:
lol, whoops, it's too late, I already posted what I typed. Either it works, or I'll just not worry about role-playing, I think I'm not useful in it.

Seath from Dark Souls was indeed a bit easy to defeat, that is, excluding the first time you fight him. Spirry's been around since 2005, so I don't think I've had a direct inspiration from Seath, though it never crossed my mind that Seath indeed is a skinless dragon that commits genocide against his race. Well, I suppose the main difference is that Spirry is a demon who is obsessed about feeling and inflicting suffering instead of immortality, and not all reptiles have scales (synapsids don't have scales, for example).

Originally, Spirry was an immense intestine, fifty feet wide and five thousand miles long, with a giant human skull on top as well as a pair of arms beneath where the skull connects to the intestine, with an interior giant snake living within that could slither out the skull's jaws to attack people. Since 2009, I recreated him as a demon, as I thought he was a bit too gargantuan. I posted a story involving the original idea in 2007 I think but it quickly died. That kind of monster is now a series of various monsters in my stories here and elsewhere.

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