Hard Quest-Horrible Reward V3

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Hello my fellow 'Scapers!.
Bringing this game back from the dead, for the second time.
V1 - unknown
V2- Aurora Zaros
V3 - ...

Post a hard quest, then the next person will decide what the horrible reward should be and they will also post the next hard quest, next person will post horrible reward for that quest, and a new hard quest and so on.

For example:

First Player - Quest: Get 99 farming by only using potato seeds.

PLAYER 2: Reward: You can now plant onions!
Quest: Buy all the needles in rs.

PLAYER 3: Reward: You get owned by a lvl 138 pker.
Quest: Beat Corporal Beast with bronze dagger.

And if this thread somehow maxes, the last poster had to make the next version!!!

01-Feb-2017 19:33:42

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