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Darkstar said:
It's a popular game. Hopefully Axiomatic can get a new one up quickly.

Star, did I miss a memo? whattaboutLynxlynx, who is the author? lol
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24-Jun-2018 15:47:51



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Need a ruling in a forum game:
Count To 20 Before An Animal

Player by the user name "Yoda2020" seems to believe that his name classifies as an animal.
I know one reference to "Yoda" is in the Star Wars universe however that is a name, not a species, and is a muppet IRL.

However, I could not find an IRL animal based on that name, unless there is a translation I missed somewhere (ie: Yiddish, Arabic, etc)

Anyways, does anyone else think Yoda is or is not classified as an animal?

24-Jun-2018 22:04:06

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Personally, I would say no. But it would be interesting to see the thread creators opinion on the matter.

Hey, I suppose I can technically reset that thread? I mean, the scientific name of some Fish species includes the word 'Trewavas'. :o

Edit: Freddie the Fish!


24-Jun-2018 22:26:44 - Last edited on 24-Jun-2018 22:27:41 by Trewavas

Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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Speaking of forum games, whatever happened to "The A-Z of Song Titles"? I noticed several days ago that game seemed to disappear, even though the thread was nowhere near maxed. O_o Aslon Dak: Still 'Scaping after 15 years!
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25-Jun-2018 02:39:25

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