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Lady Deluxe said:
yeah I am disappointed in raffle too - I came away with two 1 hour deposit banks and one I wasted by thinking it was a full banking system - and never utilized it... :@

Stupid bank, why didn't they just give us a chest bank to use for one hour??

Dunno, a bank chest would be more useful. I think some people used their depo box for summoning, using a bob to hold more supplies so they can depo the pouches and summon faster. I'd imagine they also did it in areas where items spawn, or at ores/trees/fishing spots etc :)

02-Oct-2015 00:37:02

Ruby Inferno
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Ruby Inferno

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Breath Mint said:
are u srs

this is why we call u noob

M8 at least I'm more manly than you are.
¸°ˆ ›,
¸• ¨¨°¸

¸*ˆˆ*+;„¸¸,.`-'´ ., ¸¸ .'
¸‹*ˆˆ*›. ,¸ ¸,.'

'., ¸ ,.¬
ˆ ˆ ¬.,¸ ¸,.·´

02-Oct-2015 01:43:59

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