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Very afkable
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Very afkable

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52-70 agility (15 hours of wilderness) was bad enough... :(

70-75 from effigies I got from Kree'arra last year.

75-79 from silverhawk boots from when I won them.

79-94 from serenity posts, barberry seeds, jack of trades, daily challenges, and any miscellaneous xp lamps I can get.
Skilling Pet Count: 8

Boss Pet Count: 10

24-Oct-2015 04:34:36

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Very afkable said:
very mad guy said:
apparently someone resurrected pippy... but why is she now pink? this riddle of life never ends

Don't look at me! :O
Lol :P
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Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.

24-Oct-2015 11:35:42

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