The Name Game v2.0

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Picking up from where the original thread, which has served us well for just twenty days shy of 10 years, I'd like to Welcome you to the second edition of
The Name Game

What is "The Name Game"?

The Name Game can be a challenging game, depending on how you play it, what letter you get, and so on. In this version, we'll play by the simple rules as given in any previous versions you may have seen.

How to play

A user posts the first and last name of a celebrity, character (movie, book, etc.), or other well-known person. The next user then takes the FIRST letter of the LAST name of the previous person, then names another person who shares that last letter as the first letter of their first name.

Sound confusing? Perplexed? Don't be, as you'll find it to be quite simple after you check out some examples.


Poster #1: John Doe
Poster #2: Darren Frederick
Poster #3: Frank Kahil
Poster #4: Krystal Stone...
and so on. Notice how the first letters of the last names key the first letters of the next first name? That's all there is to it!

Oh, and if someone happens to post a 1 word name, such as "Madonna" or "Prince", just take the first letter of that name. ;)

Just one more thing!

Try not to post repeats (if you can). So, if someone's already posted "Darren Frederick", try to think of another name that starts with "D" to post alternatively.

Let's start!

The previous version ended on
Dakh'thoulan Aegis
, posted by
, so well kick off v2.0 with an A name!

Andrew (Andy) Bernard,
character from The Office, U.S.

I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them. (S09 EP23)

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