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Just occurred to me I could save a ton of character space by using just one cyan BBcode for the entire signature. Never really occurred to me because I just slightly modified my signature after they released the [centre][/centre] BBcode. At any rate, was able to save roughly 180 characters, huge improvement.

Old version

[centre][cyan]¸¬°™°¬¸[/cyan] [white]With[/white][cyan]¸¬°™°¬¸[/cyan][white]Closed Eyes[/white][cyan]¸¬°™°¬¸[/cyan] [white]I §ee[/white][cyan] ¸¬°™°¬¸ ’¸·ˆ·¸[/cyan][red]¶¶[/red][cyan]`»—«’[/cyan] [red]¶right¶[/red] [cyan]`•[/cyan][white]†hrøugh[/white][cyan]•’[/cyan] [red]¶¥øu¶[/red] [cyan]`»—«’[/cyan][red]¶¶ [/red][cyan]¸·ˆ·¸‘[/cyan] [cyan]‘•»¸¸«¤°˜¯‘•¸[/cyan] [red]¶¶¶¶¶[/red][cyan]`[/cyan][hotpink]¤•¤[/hotpink][cyan]’[/cyan][red] ¶¶¶¶¶[/red] [cyan]¸•’¯˜°¤»¸¸«•’[/cyan] [cyan]°¬_¸–’[/cyan][hotpink]’¸¤·¤¸‘[/hotpink][cyan]‘–¸_¬°[/cyan][/centre]

Modified version

[centre][cyan]¸¬°™°¬¸ [white]With[/white]¸¬°™°¬¸[white]Closed Eyes[/white]¸¬°™°¬¸ [white]I §ee[/white] ¸¬°™°¬¸ ’¸·ˆ·¸[red]¶¶[/red]`»—«’ [red]¶right¶[/red] `•[white]†hrøugh[/white]•’ [red]¶¥øu¶[/red] `»—«’[red]¶¶ [/red]¸·ˆ·¸‘ ‘•»¸¸«¤°˜¯‘•¸ [red]¶¶¶¶¶[/red]`[hotpink]¤•¤[/hotpink]’[red] ¶¶¶¶¶[/red] ¸•’¯˜°¤»¸¸«•’ °¬_¸–’[hotpink]’¸¤·¤¸‘[/hotpink]‘–¸_¬°[/cyan][/centre]

Closed Eyes
I §ee

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Would there be anyone willing to draw me a clan logo for our forum page? Thinking of having it be 1 forum post big so 2k char. and having it either be one big fancy "R" or a shorter but longer "retributioners".

Any help would be fantastic.

09-Oct-2019 04:24:28

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