How will Runescape end?

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Just decided to make a fun thread about how Runescape will end.

Maybe a possible game changing update that would affect Runescape for the best/worst?

What would the last update do to the game?

Just things in general that you think that would make the game Runescape just a leaf in the wind.

What do you think?

Feel free to post and bump!

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08-Mar-2016 21:37:17

sir eos lee

sir eos lee

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Here's a thought, maybe add a structure to the game.

Examples would be Post #1 comes up with a scneario, Post #2 adds how it would end, then creates a new scenario for #3.

Or, could do a "in seconds".
The timing of the post determines what end you get.
So if your post is at :33, you get Tuska impacts Gilienor. If you get :44 the Stone of Jas exploded. IF you get :55, Brassica Prime turns the world into a cabbage. If you get :59, Mod Boko unplugged the power cord to the server.

08-Mar-2016 21:41:26

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