RS Character A to Z Challenge

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Guthix SS4
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Guthix SS4

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Alright here is my game, this will begin with someone going from saying a name of a npc of rs or a character of rs that begins with the letter A, then goes all the way to Z.


Do not double post two different letters in a row.
If two of the same letter is posted or a post is edited it goes back to A.
You are allowed to repeat something if it goes back to A.
When Z comes up and is used it goes back to A then begin again.

Good luck with this game it might get harder as the game goes on!
and nothing was spoiled :P

04-Dec-2013 07:52:31

Miss Alaska

Miss Alaska

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Ceril Carnillean
Guthix appeared frequently to us back in those days. I suppose he wanted to ensure balance and that he wasn't introducing something to this world to upset that balance.

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