How would you fail?

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Hello folks :)

I'll revive a game I remember from a few years back, quite entertaining at times.

How to play
The previous poster in this thread will attempt to do something, you will tell them how thay fail and then in your turn attempt to do something, to which someone replies with the way you fail etc.


Player 1:
I attempt to kill Tyrion Lannister an imp

Player 2:
The imp doesn't notice you and steps on you.

I attemt to eat a cabbage

Player 3:
The cabbage eats you instead.

I attempt to...



1: Don't insult the previous poster ("You fail because you are such a noob" )
2: Nothing too morbid/dark, try to keep it light-hearted
3: Don't reply to yourself.
4: Have fun :)

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A yellow wizard calls you but teleports away each and every time you get near.

I armour up and go after a Rune Dragon.
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