Guide to getting WOM's Phat!

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This is a step-by-step guide to getting the Wise Old Man's Partyhat

The Wise old man has always been a stingy gentleman when it comes to his hat, which just so happens to be the most valuable item in the game. No matter how much he is pestered, he will never give up his hat that he probably doesn't even know the value of.

Jagex has, very subtly, created a way to get this hat. It's understandable how secret they've kept it, since if everyone knew about it then the hat wouldn't be quite so valuable, would it?
I came across this method entirely by a fluke, but I should remember the steps.

1. Enter the Wise Old Man's house.

(Carry on the step-by-step guide, one step at a time)

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9. Repair your wings while you make your way out of the bank
Support Rite of Passage, a quest about the aviansie, their homeworld and Armadyl Here
Oh dear... you lost The Game ;)

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