Boys vs Girls V6

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V5 was originally made by Lavin, however, the thread has been maxed for nearly 4 weeks and they have not come back to make the next one nor have been sighted on the forums in quite awhile. If they would like their thread back, all they need to do is say so :)

Hello and welcome to Boys vs Girls V6 ^_^

The counter starts at 50. Boys add 1 and girls subtract 1 to the counter.
When the counter reaches 100, boys win. On the other hand, if it reaches 0, girls win! (Girls for the win! :D )
Start over when it reaches 100 or 0.

I guess we couldn't skip the rules part, so...
2. No double posting.
3. Cookies for Lavin
4. Just kidding for rule three ^_^
5. Have fun :D

The previous count ended on 44

Edit: Lavin will be creating V7 when the time comes ^_^

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