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This thread is continuing on the game originally created by Fyre Fenixx which got maxed out and the second version created by 1XA. P.S. Thank you, Cyanide X for the title.

Thread Owners History

Version 1 - Fyre Fenixx
Version 2 - 1XA
Version 3 - Trewavas

(1XA has not posted on the Forums in several months. If they return within the next two weeks, they may recreate this thread if they wish).


This is a simple game of going from A to Z using song titles. Please do NOT count "A", "An", "The" or things of that nature. You can name the band or artist if you'd like to.

• No double posting.
• No advertising other threads.
• No profanity
• All Jagex rules apply.
• Behave and have fun!


The last post was:

Encore ~ Eminem

(Next song title should begin with the letter F)


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