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Let's just try to go for the most replys on any thread!

Do anything, a joke, a drawing, a game or an opinion, let's fill this thread! It's a game where posts make prizes!

Note: Prizes are merely the satisfaction of making you voice heard on this thread and are not physical rewards.

07-Jul-2015 20:33:30



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Wending through the willows, a song upon the air,
It spirals and it frolics. . .

I still have no idea what "wending" means. I feel like the siren was just looking for some alliteration.

08-Jul-2015 04:45:25

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This thread really isn't a game - instead, its a "lets see how big we can make this thread be" thread.

As per the Forum Specific Rules:
"While you're having fun, please make sure to treat these threads as games - posts with "count to 50" without any reason to them are not games, they're post farming. Come up with a fun reason for players to post!"

Similarly, "post whatever you want" threads fall under the same category.

Feel free to create a unique game in this forum that has a clear purpose that is a game, rather than a post whatever thread.

All the best.

08-Jul-2015 05:08:45

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