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Welcome to the third version of Build a Word!

This game is pretty simple: add one letter per post to the letters previously given in the round until a word is made. Once a word has been made, the next player to post has two options: begin a new round by posting a single letter, or continue to add to the current round if another word can be built by adding other letters.


1) You cannot post twice in a row.
2) Make sure words are kept appropriate!

You're probably confused by now, as I'm absolutely awful when it comes to writing directions; therefore, I'll provide you all with a sample round that will hopefully make the game a bit clearer. ^_^

Player 1: A...
Player 2: Ai...
Player 3: Air!
Player 4: Airc...
Player 5: Aircr...
Player 2: Aircra...
Player 5: Aircraf...
Player 1: Aircraft!
Player 5: New round! M...

As you can see, "air" is a word, yet the player who posted after that decided to continue building onto the word. If it is possible to make another word using the current word, it is up to the next player to post whether that round continues or a new round is begun.

Any player can start a new round once a word has been made!

Have fun. :)

18-Jul-2014 03:03:58

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