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Welcome to USA vs WORLD V8

How to play

The count starts at 50. If you are from the USA and you post, you will decrease the count by 2. If you are from anywhere else in the world, you will increase the count by 1. USA wins when the count reaches 0, and the rest of the world wins when it reaches 100.


1. No double posting (unless it's accidental or a bump).
2. If the count reaches 0 or 100, the next poster will reset the count by either saying 48 if they are from the USA, or 51 if they are from anywhere else in the world.
3. If you have dual citizenship, you may count for whomever you want.

Example game

European Guy: 51
European Girl: 52
USA Girl: 50
USA Guy: 48
Canadian Girl: 49
USA Girl: 47
Canadian Guy: 48

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Europe (Belgium) +1 -> 47 :-)
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